Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shuttle Endings

This looks pretty puny for all those shuttles, doesn't it? You can see it better if you click on the scan and enlarge it. I had already put them in a baggie before I edited the photo and thought the purple background a bit too dark. I thought I had a backup white background photo but my scanner broke that image up into pieces and it wasn't usable after all. I still have six shuttles left to empty. I did use some of the thread to practice some T.A.T. techniques but I was still surprised to see how little came of it all. If there are two colors involved, it also used up two shuttles so when I count all the separate colors, I come up with 18. That's the number of shuttles in the pile I posted but I found several more after that.

You can tell on the purple and green edging that one thread ran into another...I had attached a second thread to the shuttle at some point, probably not wanting to take the time to empty a shuttle when I needed one. I think someone mentioned that in the comments of the last post - about finding another thread underneath the one you think is on the shuttle!

I used edgings from one of Mary Konior's books, some motifs from Tatting Collage, and the bottom center flowers on a stem came from a Japanese book.

I was getting a little frantic this morning as I hunted for my tatting box. It's a purple pencil box that I've been using for some time but lately I haven't needed anything in it so hadn't kept track of it. I also couldn't find my containers of beads. There are probably 8 or 10 of them with 20 or so vials of beads in each. I know I had all this when I went to Canada. Where have I put them?

I finally found all of it in a box I had checked before, but the box has some folders and magazines on top hiding the bead containers and my tatting box. What a relief! Don't you hate it when you can't find something you know you have?

I only have two projects left for my T.A.T. course. I will probably do them this weekend but I also want to get started on my Secret Santa gift. I also plan to take several samples to my lace guild at the December meeting to get some input on what the members want for programs next year. That means I need to get busy! Some birthdays are coming up. I also plan to empty the living room this weekend so that I can put up the tree in a few weeks. I took two boxes to charity this week. Box by box I'm opening up space!

Tomorrow I'm going to a granddaughter's musical at school. I have a long list of things I think I'm going to get done this weekend. HA! I may have to go take a nap first. I'm just back from lace guild only about an hour and already worn out!


  1. So many targets for one weekend!!!!! Sounds familiar!!

  2. It's fun to see what you can do with those dribs and drabs of thread left over on shuttles - sure gets a person thinking! These cute little flowers and pretty edgings would be great for a project like the puzzle piece exchange you did last spring.

    I admire your get up and go! I have a couple rooms which need an objective eye, a bit of muscle, and a whole lotta time.

    :) Ann

  3. All the little bits and pieces look pretty good! I need to empty a few shuttles myself, otherwise I just keep having to buying more (oh, the shame of having to buy more shuttles ;}). I'll be getting home soon and have a bunch of cleaning out to look forward to. Not looking forward to the work but I'm sure I'll like the results.

  4. Your snippets look great! You should save up end bits like these for the early Spring giveaway I will be having on my blog. Any or all of these "ends" would be perfect!

    BTW, I frequently "dash frantic" about my house saying, "Now where did I put that...?" So I'm glad you found your missing beads and tatting box.

    Thanks for another great post! I always have a warm, friendly feeling after reading them.

  5. Ah! I see CQ embellishments in those little pieces!

  6. Diane - I suspect many of my shuttle endings are destined for CQ embellishment or more puzzle pieces.
    Isdihara - Thank you for the lovely compliment about my writing.

    btw, I did take a nap after I wrote that post. LOL!


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