Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday 11/24/09

My sister and I visited a gift shop during our trip to Bloomington. We stepped into LadyBugs Gifts & Decor innocently, oblivious to the enchantment contained within.

The door is located on the right side of the store and I guess you just habitually wander in the same direction that you arrive. Very quickly my sister spotted Hallmark ornaments on sale 50% off. I didn't think there were any she didn't have, but obviously there are a few. As she pawed her way through the basket, I meandered around, glancing here and there, seeing some lovely bric-a-brac that I knew I didn't have room for. I was making my way around the room and was now facing the wall on our left.

OMIGAWD! And I really didn't see that this entire wall was teapots and teacups at first.

I was looking downward and my eyes settled on this lovely set on the left, with the two cups on a single oblong plate. Oh, I was admiring the different cups and saucers but it really took awhile for it all to sink in. And then I started getting really excited!

As my eyes traveled upward and I fumbled to get my camera ready, I saw there were several paintings, prints really, of tea-themed scenarios. I started snapping photos quickly, hoping the cashier wouldn't come over and order me OUT. Some places don't allow you to take photographs.

If you go back to the very first photo, in the upper left hand corner, you can see the sign that says their English and French pieces are shipped to them through an antique dealer. I didn't see that either until I downloaded the photos onto my computer. I might not have been picking things up so gingerly if I had! I'd already passed up some tea-for-ones in another store, deciding they really weren't quite unique enough for me to buy. I can't display what I have so I've gotten really picky.

Well, just about this time, my sister made her way over to where I was. That's when I saw the display of teas and tea accessories. Sigh.....so many things I DO NOT HAVE! I was good though, I think, given the temptation. I bought this teapin, something I've never seen before.

It comes with several empty bags which you fill with the tea of your choice, thread the teapin through the holes, and then pour your steaming hot water over as it rests on the teacup. I haven't tried it yet. I'll save that for another tatting tea Tuesday!

I also bought some loose tea, this bag of ginger-lemon flavored tea. There were samples in jars and I opened them all and sniffed them. This one smelled best to me. There was a Christmas Spice one I thought about but it didn't smell as good as I thought Christmas Spice should smell. LOL!

I also bought a tea magazine and 2 tea-themed cards and a little ornament. It was such a delightful surprise! I'll go back. And in between all this, we saw the most gorgeous stained glass window ornaments! Sorry...no pics there. My hands were full of tea stuff by then.

After my spending spree on Saturday, I stayed home Sunday and eventually cut up apples given to me by a coworker who has been making apple cider, apple butter, and probably a few other apple thingies. I think she is getting tired of it as she was quite eager to give me some apples when I mentioned I had just opened my very last jar of apple butter. We won't say how old it is.

First I had to go buy some jars since it appears I gave away all my small ones. I was sure I'd kept a dozen pint jars but they are no where to be seen. When I got back, I prepared the apples and put them in the crockpot, letting them cook until Monday morning. Monday night I finished the preps and ended up with 11 half-pints! Yummy and just in time for Thanksgiving. I hope to make some spiced pumpkin butter before the week is over too.

I had to take a pic of some last minute blooms. It's unbelievable that some flowers are still blooming this late in November!

I don't remember what this bluish purple flower is but I had to zoom in on the center.

I don't know if these will open up. They are hibiscus buds from the bush coworkers gave me for my birthday last summer. I figured it was worth a try. This one sure is trying hard.

I'm posting this before I go to work so I can't say if I'm tatting at all today but I expect to this evening. Tat and drink ginger-lemon tea and nibble on some chocolate, I will!


  1. Wow a tea lovers haven!! So many pretty teacups and teapots!! And the loose tea with the tea pin was interesting. And you were so busy making lots of goodies from apples. MMMMM.... I bet your house smelled yummy!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. These days, I am reading through so many tatting blogs that I have of necessity spent less time at each. But your TTT post held me enrapt with all the lovely details and photos.

    I'm a big apple butter (and pumpkin butter) fan, so now I must make some!

    Thank you for sharing details of your delightful weekend outing.

    After reopening my bad ring (which I owe entirely to the Italian chamomile tea) I fired up the tea kettle and steeped some lovely Stash Lemon-Ginger tea. So we are enjoying similar flavors today.

  3. What a lovely post! Seeing all those pretty sets and your tea pin makes me want to stop icing my tea.

    Apple butter is SO good! I have never made my own. I bet it is better by far than store bought.

    The purple flower is just beautiful. You think the showy part of a flower is it's petals, but there is so much beauty in the center which often goes unnoticed.

    :) Ann

  4. Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwsh! Tea cup treasures! I was drooling over the little tea sets in baskets on the floor. I bought my granddaughter one of those when she was little. She carried it everywhere for the longest.

    Thanks so much for sharing that little shopping trip, & the pics are beautiful!

  5. Oooo, such pretty tea cups and tea pots! You did a wonderful job sharing the experience, great pictures. I admire you for making your applebutter - I'm not much in the kitchen. I'll bet the house smelled wonderful! Enjoy your tea!


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