Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've Hit the Wall

I had a realization last night. It had been creeping up on me but I ignored it, not wanting to admit what I perceived as "defeat". I've hit a wall when it comes to the design-tat class. I can't seem to make myself get back to it.

We started learning the graphics part of it just when my work plunged into some intense annual inspections along with other first semester surges. I felt overwhelmed and tired and then I got sick too. No problem...I'll catch up later. I will too, but for now, I just can't seem to get my head pointed that way.

I guess the good news is that I'm back to working on T.A.T. I expect to finish the tatting part of it this coming week and then I'll prepare the documentation and packaging so it can sit until I send it out in January. LOL! When the projects are patterns that are already online, I show them but we're really not supposed to - which makes no sense to me. People like to know what they're getting into before they invest time and money. The patterns are clearly copyrighted. Most of what I'm working on now is not seen elsewhere so I won't post it.

I've also hit a wall about lining that bag. It sits there, in plain sight, to remind me. I try not to feel bad about what I'm behind on. It just means I'm not ready to finish it and I learned a long time ago that if I push myself in the wrong way, I ruin it. So I'll wait til the time is right, but it is mildly frustrating to me.

So I have no tatting to show but I do have some inspiration here. I think I picked up these wooden shapes (12 to a package) in the scrapbooking section someplace, but don't really remember for sure. It says on the label "swaps" so I'm guessing they are popular for another use, but of course, my first thought can I embellish this with tatting? The hole is predrilled so it could be an ornament, a pendant, a gift tag....maybe even more. Each package also has the same number of safety pins in it. Maybe you pin them together? It also says on the label "decorate and trade with your friends". Hmmm...well, maybe the recipient of my Secret Santa exchange will find out what I come up with.

I felt a slight panic last night as I realized Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and Christmas slides up so fast behind Thanksgiving that it's here before you know it! I still have boxes piled up in my living room from when my son moved in, even though he is down in the basement now. A few boxes are for charity, that's ongoing. A few things are there for repair or rennovation and a few things just need to find a home elsewhere in the house. I'm making good progress but it seems neverending! I really want it all cleared out within the next few weeks so I can get my tree up. I didn't get a tree up last year - first time ever for me - and I WILL get it up this year!

Wishing you lots of tatting inspiration today!

OH - and Happy Veteran's Day to all our Service Men & Women! Bless you for your service and contribution to our great country!


  1. Not sure my thoughts are worth that penny.
    I, too, have hit a wall with Design-Tat class; but, mine is that I have to use a different program than Serif.
    My "critique" of my design drawing was ~ blah. Mostly because, as acknowledged, a lack of having a good program for the mac at that time. Now that Jane has chosen one for the Mac; perhaps, I'll get on track.
    BOXES BOXES???? I have lived in this house for 4 years; and, Granddaughter arrived 3 years ago and the sun porch (actually an additional room with w/w carpet and all) is FULL of boxes (Bekah's, Mine, things DH inherited from his brother). It's overwhelming and I can't put it in storage by myself;and, with Loyal slowly healing ~ well, THERE they SIT.
    Let's not even talk about holidays. The kids are leaving for the holidays but Kris will be here. I think we should make reservations and just go OUT. No use Kris and DH slaving over a hot stove for 3 people!
    I think this time of the year is when we all feel slightly overwhelmed, tired, flu going around, and get the blahs in general.
    We will make a comeback, never fear! Just look at one task at a time and let Design Class bubble on the back burner.
    After I read the requirements for TAT, decided it wasn't for me at age 73. Too much mailing about, DH would have to do that for me ~ and I think it's good for folks to know up front that it is QUITE a challenge, time consuming and expensive. But wonderful if one wants to be a master teacher.
    Keep on Keeping on.....XXX Bev

  2. Yep! I am currently trying to peel my face off of the wall too! Life gets hectic and you find that you have to push yourself to do the things you love - and you're right, it's no good to push because often things don't turn out well that way.

    It's best to switch gears like you are doing and concentrate on something which will give you a feeling of accomplishment and put you back in the game. So to that end, good luck with the T.A.T.!

    The swaps are cute! Have fun getting creative with those!

    :) Ann

  3. Utterly beautiful blog you have here. I really enjoyed browsing through it!


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