Sunday, November 29, 2009

I was very busy yesterday with actual cleaning and preparations for my family get together but I finally got out to the mailbox in the afternoon. There was only ONE thing in there - this package! I'm expecting a few things but this one came before the others. This isn't a very good picture but when I opened the envelope, there was all this coppery glitter facing me! BLING! What a lovely preparation for what is inside!

Inside were these two little containers, about the size of a US quarter. Ha! I knew what was supposed to be inside but all I could see were these rhinestone daisies!

I barely lasted long enough to take the photos. I ordered a pair of earrings from Penniwig's this week. The earrings on her blog have been enticing me for some time so I went to her Etsy store and drooled over several pairs before settling on ONE.

Much to my surprise, she was offering a bonus pair with each order so I got to pick another pair!!!!!! Early Christmas! And NO SHIIPPING extra!

I love both of these so much. Exactly my style. I may have to order more when I get paid on Monday! Thank you Old Dame Penniwig!!!

I was actually very good to myself this week. Not only did I order those gorgeous earrings, I bought a portable Ott light Thanksgiving morning from JoAnn's Fabrics. They were on sale for $29.99 (regularly $89.99) and free shipping, online only. I'd seen them while in Canada at the Fringe Element event. They were on sale there locally at the time but somebodies went and bought the stores out before I knew of them! LOL! Those somebodies know who they are. (grin)

I've been tatting a lot but will only show this snowflake that I didn't make a mistake on this time! I used a different color of beads though. For some reason, I'm not enjoying this snowflake as much as I have in the past. Not sure why yet.

I've been tatting some others though and enjoying them. Eventually I'll have more to show.

Well....could not sleep so got up and decided to post this but I really need to be getting to bed and sleeping.


  1. Ooh! Very pretty snowflake! I can picture it in icy blue and white with those sparkly little beads... it would seem like Jack Frost had visited!

  2. Gina! Three in the morning??? Hope you get some rest today, woman!

    I like that pattern, but am eager to see it in other colour combos. Red and white is not my favourite.

    Perhaps the sharp contrast is what you are also seeing?

    Great tatting, though! Looks like it was fun to do as well.
    Fox : )

  3. You did a great job tatting that snowflake!! I like how the beads add so much sparkle.

  4. LOL! Gina, you are starting to keep *my* blogging hours. Not a good habit, as it is a very hard one to break.

    The earrings are so pretty. Glad you ordered during a two-for-one special!

    And of course your tatting is beautiful, as always. Keep up the great work, even if the half-closed rings are working your tatting psyche into a frenzied pitch. Snowflakes, pumpkins, and everything else look polished and perfect!

    Happy tatting!

  5. Oh, I ♥ Penniwigs earrings! She makes some lovely ones! They have a lovely Victorian flavor to them. I entered her recent giveaway for some earrings. How nice that you were able to treat yourself to some!

    The snowflake you tatted is lovely, too! The red and white are very striking together!

  6. oh beautiful earrings. good on you.

    the snowflake has a very outstanding centrepiece. interesting.

  7. PRETTY earrings! I like that style also. And a $30 PORTABLE OTT LAMP??? That is awesome! I take my small plugin one on trips sometimes if I'm afraid the lighting will be too bad. It AIN'T a vacation if I can't relax with my sewing or tatting!

    Your snowflake is very pretty! The center is so cool looking, I love those rings! I think it needs some really fun ribbon to hang on the tree. I've been making paper chains for our tree with some cute card stock I got at Joann's. I have some strips laying by the computer and I must say I liked a green, red, and white stripe best next to your snowflake!

    :) Ann


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