Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh No! OH NO!!!!

You know those boxes of Queen Anne's chocolate covered cherries that are one of the earliest signs of the holidays? The box you can buy for around a buck? The box that has two layers of mmmmmmmmm chocolate-covered-cherries, now in milk chocolate AND dark chocolate?

Well, guess what? They've downsized! Count 'em! Only FIVE cherries per layer! Used to be SIX! You could evenly share them with a friend. Not any more! could each take ONE layer I guess. I was so bummed out when I saw it that I had to eat three of them right away and make sure they still had something in the center! They did, but......

I am so disappointed!

I bought two boxes for our carry-in at work, one of each type. Most of them are of the dark chocolate pursuasion which means all the more milk chocolate for me. Heheheheh!
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In case you haven't noticed, and it's not likely you have, I have a new search engine in my sidebar. Actually, it's not new. I used to have it on here and then took it off when I noticed Blogger had one of their own. Blogger's used to work pretty good...but not anymore. I can't find things that I KNOW are on here and then I have to resort to month by month manual skimming. So then I noticed that Blogger has one in the "gadget" box. I downloaded it and tried a few searches. It only showed recent references, nothing more than two or three years back. So then I added my old search engine from Free Find again, since they have been continually indexing my site all this time, and tried a few searches there. One search turned up 216 references, going all the way back to 2003 when I started my blog. So you know what I did, don't you? I removed the Blogger search box and left Free Find.

It has an index too. I've barely looked at it but it must show every word I've ever written here in alphabetical order. Not only the words I've written but words from those of you who comment, including typos! It's kind of fun to follow up on, but it can sure eat up time too so don't let yourself get too carried away!

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If you enjoy embroidery, hop on over to The Raspberry Rabbits where they are featuring a free pattern every day over 12 days starting November 27th, for the 12 Days of Christmas. I think you'll be seeing lots of freebies and giveaways going on through the holidays. (like we will have time to surf!)

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I cut out and sewed this bird last night. I got the pattern from You can see their examples here and here! He didn't take any time at all to cut out and sew, but stuffing that fiberfill through that tiny opening in his butt 'bout wore me out! I think I'll probably embellish this fella a bit but I stopped last night and tatted instead, starting another snowflake rose.


  1. Oh, that's SO sad about the chocolates. SUCH a shame you had to eat so many for research purposes.
    I'm off to have a look for the freefind. Sounds like a good search box to me.
    Oh, happy Thanksgiving from the UK where life is going on as usual!!! No holiday for us!!!

  2. You are so multi-talented! Cute bird - I can't wait to see how you embellish him :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! Ok, I haven't yet bought my annual stock of CCC's (choco-covered cherries,) I'm bummed, because I'm sure they don't cost any less! LOL!

    The bird is really cute! I can see some white ones sitting on the branches of my Christmas tree. That's such pretty fabric you used, too!

  4. Trust Jane to mention the chocolates! Sneakie to do reduce the quantity though.

  5. Now that I think about it, I think they used to have 10 chocolates on each layer. They must have been sneaking one out every year!

  6. Well, perhaps we will know that the economy is back on track when they start sneaking chocolates back IN!

    I like your bird. It has a cute shape. Getting the stuffing from butt to beak must have been quite a feat!

    :) Ann

  7. I know I love these chocolates! Queen Ann is the absolute best in chocolate covered cherries. Thanks for sharing the bird pattern I'm definitely going to try that one.


  8. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Adorable bird Gina! Makes me want to grab up some fabric!


  9. Love your birdie! REmind me to share a photo of the "partridges" I made for my holiday tree last year -- I used a screen shot from an old (70s-era) Partridge Family TV show for the pattern! The theme for the tree was partridges and pears - except done in purple!

    (Sounds awful, but the tree was stunning done all in purple. Got lots of compliments from the neighbors.)

  10. Oh MAN! That is a CRIME about the cherries!!! I buy several boxes a year for myself and my sister, oooh that is so wrong!!
    BTW, I love the birds and the snowflake. The birds remind me of crows, I may have to make some from my Halloween fabric stash!


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