Sunday, January 18, 2004

Filet Crochet Snowman Mat
Pattern from Magic Crochet, October 1991. Thread: Cebeila size 20 Hook: size 12 Finished size: 14" x 16" Started on Dec. 26, 2003 and completed Jan. 17, 2004
The directions called for a size 13 hook which I didn't have on hand and the size 14 was smaller than I wanted to work with. The instructions also said it would be 14" x 18" so I'm not sure if the difference in height is from the hook or from blocking. I didn't really have a means to stretch it out.

The cat? That's Skunk - he then proceeded to jump up and sit on it so the photo session ended at that point.

I also finished the bookmark I started last week. I said the pattern came from Frivolete in a prior entry but that is wrong. It comes from Tatting by DMC. There is a heart motif in the book I want to do too. It is a challenge because it has needle lace wheels added to it after it is tatted. I need to do two more bookmarks this weekend – probably different patterns. I get bored doing the same thing over and over.

While I was looking for a shell border pattern for the crocheted mat, I looked through numerous craft magazines that are stored in the basement. There are at least a couple of hundred down there and every one of them has something in it I want to make or I wouldn’t have kept it. Sigh………

There is an afghan with a happy face snake that I think is perfect for the grandsons! It is something I printed out from the web but the credit goes to Hooked On Crochet Magazine, #62. If I start now, I could have them done by next Christmas but I think I’d rather make Christmas afghans in that case.

For now, I need to focus on the bookmarks and then the elephant.


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