Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I was buying some big manilla envelopes in Walmart the other night and happened to see these brightly colored CD envelopes! Is that not perfect for a little doily or coaster that you want to mail????

I'm on row 51 of the filet snowman! After about 10 more rows, it will go fast because I'll have the head and broom done and everything after that is only occasional filled meshes, most of them open.

LOL! Just met a new employee and found out I'm the "teapot person". I have part of my tea-for-ones collection on a shelf in my office. Didn't know I had a reputation for them. In other parts of campus I'm known as the "chair lady". It's funny the way others characterize us.

I thought I would tat more on the bookmark but I'm obsessed with making progress on the filet mat.

Damn cold in this part of the world today! It was 2º F this morning with a windchill of -17º. I hear the sun is shining now.

Some of Hope's magazines have inspired me...............I keep thinking of some curtains I saw with tatted motif insertions and just the teensiest bit of cut thread work. As part of my living room renovation, I want new drapes, something simple, and sheers behind them. I want to do the sheers myself - making them with tatted motifs - but what kind of motifs? I have some sheers now with the whisper of pale dragonflys and butterflys that I love, but I didn't buy enough panels when I got them and I can't find any more to add. Should I tat butterflys and dragonflies or maybe I should leave those motifs for another room where I could make them in smaller quantities. For the living room, perhaps round, oval and teardrop shaped motifs would be better. Still dreaming it up....


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