Sunday, January 11, 2004

I took a late nap Saturday so now I'm wide-awake here on Sunday in the wee hours.

My lace group didn't have anything special planned today so it was show and tell and conversation. There was a new tatter in the group, AnnMarie, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again. I took my crochet and worked on it - only to find my hook was missing when I got there. AnnMarie just happened to be using the same size hook for her joins, so she shared her hook with me. I found my hook when I got home. It had slid out of the work onto the carpeted floor where I sit when crocheting or tatting. I'm ready to start row 75 now out of 102. It's not working out as tall as the gauge indicates but the width is fine. I think the height will work out when it is blocked. I don't know if I have anything big enough to block it on however.

I'm going to get the elephant out and start back on it. Here's where I left off on the blanket.

It's been tossed in a baggie for almost a year so it's a little rumpled. I had a great idea for the ear today. I don't like the square ear in Pam's directions but I wasn't sure what to do. Today, I remembered a butterfly wing pattern that I think will fit in perfectly. My daughter prefers the African elephants with the larger ears so that will be more representative of what she likes too. I hope the size will work out in proportion without too much fiddling.

I tried some needle lace Friday evening. I got some instruction online. This still isn't exactly what I want to do, but it's a start and will give me some practice. Here's how it looks so far. I believe somewhere along the line I would go back over the first 2 arches I made as they are smaller and more unrully than the 2nd two, but I haven't noticed where in the instructions yet. I think this thread might not have a tight enough twist either.

Another thing I did Saturday morning was visit Ginchyworld. I thought I had her listed in my blog links but I hadn't, so she is now. I love her little tea graphics on the side. I especially want one of those duck infusers. She gave me the website of the shop where she got it, which is in Australia....maybe when I visit in a year or so I will get one. I didn't find the duck at the time I looked online. Another thing I like on her site is the search engine. For some reason, I thought a search engine on a site searched the web, not the site. I just realized that would solve a problem here. After almost a year (in March) I wish I had links to projects or photos. That means going back and noting everything which will be very time consuming. A search engine would make it so much easier for readers, and for me. I still have to go back and look through everything because I made a mistake in uploading some photos/scans with the same title name, which erased the old one. So I know there are some photos that do not match the description anymore and I want to correct that. Adding the search engine will take care of the link feature I wanted to add.


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