Thursday, January 22, 2004

I love going here to the Japanese Tatting Webring. Not only is the tatting so exsquisite and precise, it is often artfully displayed. Just run your cursor over the characters and when something is highlighted, click. You will have one delightful surprise after the other. Eye candy and inspiration!

My bookmarks are done. The last one is drying from the blocking and I will add a tassle late tonight after I get home. In fact, I'll have it scanned and on here before this is published.

LOL! The skin on my 2nd finger on the left hand keeps peeling. That's where the crochet hook kept hitting while I was crocheting. It's actually a bit of a callous that seems to be coming off in layers. I'm tatting another little goodie to go with the bookmarks. I know, I know..........I've got a bloomin' elephant to be doin'!

Speaking of Japanese tatting and elephants, here you can see Pam Palmer's elephant on the le grenier de Monet site. If you manage to find her gallery, there are loads of pictures showing excellent knitting and crocheting too. This one has multiple talents!

I found some tiny metal charms at Michael's last week in the shape of butterflies/dragonflies/flowers and they say created for you or made with love on the back. I think I'm going to start attaching them to things I make for special people.


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