Thursday, January 29, 2004

Here are the parts of the elephant blanket as I'm getting reading to join them. The bright blue on the floss card is the color I'm going to use. Black might look better - I just thought of that - but I'm not sure I have any black rayon floss. Guess I need to dig a bit because I think I do somewhere. I plan to use the bluish beads there too, with whichever color thread I use. When I got the silver hearts, I was thinking of putting them on the blanket but there aren't very many and I think they would look better on the headpiece. There isn't much design on the head - just a florette under the eye - unless you count the rings around the eye. I wish it did have one of those ornate headpieces. Gosh, why didn't I think of that earlier? Well, actually, the outline of the head is the same design as the blanket border so that will need to be in color too and apparently it is the headpiece - just not towering above as I was thinking of. And I see there are two florettes - the ear was obscuring most of one and since I'm using a different ear, I think it will show up more. I still want to use the silver hearts around the head though. The blanket pieces are brought together by a border of chains and cloverleafs. That will be a TON of beads! I'm not using beads on the elephant's body however.

Okay, burrowing around in the thread stash, I find 2 skeins of Star rayon floss, 4 yards and 4 strands to each skein. I also find a skein of black metallic floss. Only 1 skein, but I know I can buy more of that while I can't find more of the Star. The Star was a vintage garage sale find. I think I'll ponder on it a bit. Stop by Hobby Lobby tomorrow night and see if they have some black rayon floss. The beads will be easier to manipulate on the rayon as opposed to the metallic.

Decisions, Decisions! I might have to set up a poll on here to get some input. LOL!

I need to block the pink on the blanket. It's been tucked in a baggie for over a year and is all contorted. I smoothed it out some but it needs a major overhaul.

It really helps to scan it and see it in a different format. I'm definitely leaning towards the black. but I think I could use the metallic for the eye, the toenails, and possibly the outer edge of the ear. Whoo-hoo! It's comin' together! I'll get new black rayon floss though, so I'll be sure to have enough. I guess I could start on the head in the meantime.

BTW folks - I'm coming up on my ONE YEAR anniversary for this blog! It's changed a lot since the first entry on February 13, 2003. I've learned so much! A great deal of it came from a fellow blogger whose own blog inspired me to try it. He isn't a tatter, probably has no more than a passing interest in it, but his site was the very first time I read a blog and it fired off an interest in the concept that continues. He likely won't read it here, but I appreciate his role in this and will send him a private thank you.


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