Sunday, January 25, 2004

I guess I should take some time and write about the meeting yesterday at Zig Zag Corner! There ended up being 8 of us present, a nice size group just about right for the room we had. Kaye has a 3D tulip project for us, in two parts, so I definitely have to go next month to know how to put everything together! There are 3 inner petals and 3 outer petals and the stamen that we worked on this time. I got one outer petal done and the stamen. We used some roll tatting in the stamen, which is new for me. I was aware of it, but had never tried it. Next month we will put the petals together and make the leaves. I can't wait! I'll show the petals when I have them all done.

In the meantime, I made these precious heart baskets to include with my thank-you bookmarks. They didn't take long at all and are a quickie for the Sweetheart Day coming up. My sweethearts are my grandkids, but I doubt the boys will be that crazy about it since most of them are below 4th grade. Maybe if I put a teensy frog in there too. LOL! The pattern is by Witt Wittmann, who is including it free with every copy of her book Tat Witt. You can see a copy of the book here and you can contact Witt here, if you're interested in purchasing it - only $10! You'll enjoy the many insights she writes about connecting tatting to daily life. I'm looking forward to meeting Witt in June at the Palmetto Tatters Tatting Day.


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