Monday, December 20, 2010

Before I lay me down to sleep.....

Yes! Another one! I have one more to do before I move on to other stuff. This one is very small, maybe 2" at the most in length and 1" in width. The rose is from Jeanne Lugert's earring pattern from the online class. I needed something really small. It's tatted in some size 70 thread and turned out beautifully. I think I have another one started. Just need to thread and gather. The leaves were the tricky part and just something I made up for the crochet to attach to.

A little knitting here and there is adding up. I want it to be able to pull up and be a hood without leaving a gap where the neck is so I've got quite a ways to go yet.

I don't have the beads and ribbon garlands up yet. The tree tilted dangerously just as I got done with the ornaments and tried to adjust some branches in the back so it's propped and I'm waiting a bit to finish. I'm very fortunate that the cats never bother it. One of my son's cats tried to take off with a ball of thread the other night but only after it fell out of the basket it was in. They generally do not bother my tatting at all unless I would purposely tease them with a shuttle swaying or rolling a ball of thread but I don't tempt them because then I would have to get very stern with them and that wouldn't be fair. Besides, watching them chase the flashlight beam is so much more fun!

Off to bed now. It was snowing furiously when I came home and I expect it won't be very nice out in the morning.


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Hey Gina,

    You're quite talented. After seeing your knitting works, it really makes me wish I could knit too.

    Holly Jolly Holidays to you!

  2. My cats don't seem to bother our tree either but boy, do they like it if I knit! That's a lovely bit of knitting you have there! Pearl

  3. I'm catching up reading blogs as I've been so busy getting ready for Christmas. Love the covered rocks! That's an idea to keep in mind for another year! You sound so busy it's a wonder you still have time to post - wow.
    Have a very merry Christmas!

  4. Great beautiful fir tree, it looks like the cat watches him(it)

  5. Your tree is very pretty. I see your gingerbreadman there.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Well, the Bengal Kitty, Pippa, loves my little fiber optic tree and we have to hiss at her to make her move away. I don't really care about the tree; more concerned that she swallows some of the greenery. She is really behaving very well considering she's only been here since Tuesday!
    I am worn out with your housecleaning activities. At least, since the appraisers did not re appear, you have a spruced up living space. So no energy really wasted. I'm glad to hear you have some time off ~ and pleased that you don't have to use any of those benefits (they may come in handy some day). I didn't even realize that when I retired, my benefits came with me into retirement; but, I'm very happy for them now! They pick up that 20% left over from Medicare. In CA they pick up all of it, but here in NM they prorate it ~ same insurance, go figure!
    Your tree is lovely, and so are you!
    Christmas greetings and a Healthy New Year….bev


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