Sunday, December 26, 2010

I was blog-surfing and from a link on Button Floozies, I found this sweet mitten tutorial at The Feathered Nest. was her use of tatting that really caught my eye but I do think I'd like to make the mittens next year. This would be a great way to use the tatting I do at period events where the thread is white or ecru and I only tat the simplest of edgings so that I don't mess up too badly. But what do you do with those bits and bobs of "demo" tatting? Here's one solution. Go look at the tutorial though...she also adds aging (tea dye) and sparkles.

I've spent a good part of the day the last two days with family and when I was home, I was knitting. I'm almost done with the cowl and anxious to finish as I'm so bored with it. Knitting was one of the first needlecrafts I taught myself at age 12 or so. I get the hankering to do it now and then but I get bored with large projects and don't go back to it until the urge strikes me again. I really wanted to do something for my granddaughter but I guess it will wait until Spring now when the notion fires me up again.

So, tomorrow is slated for knitting and cleaning and scheduling the remainder of the week. I know it sounds like I'm always cleaning but I'm doing major organizing as I go along so this will likely go on for awhile. Some of it is a very slow process too, but I'm getting better at it.

I'll be very happy when the snow is gone too. It takes twice as long to do anything between bundling up, warming the car and carefully hauling things in and out.

I'm sure everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is happily sailing towards the new year!


  1. Hello neighbor, same house just a new'll see read the posting..please adjust your address book....:)

  2. This comment is not intended to needle you:

    I was really curious if the word "boring" would emerge as you were knitting that cowl. I am feeling not quite alone knowing there is another out there is affected in this way by larger knitting projects.

    The Boss's mittens and socks did me in this year! Not so bad with the crochet hook, which I can enjoy from time to time, but knitting.... not so much!
    Fox : )

  3. What sweet mittens, maybe something to remember when winter comes here.

    We are expecting mid 30 degrees on new years day.

  4. Fox - knitting is pretty but just seems to take sooooo long! And I don't really like the big clunky yarns that make a project go fast.
    Dian - I don't remember the exact day but I saw this morning a predicted high of 38 sometime this week. I actually enjoyed my trek out to the mailbox today when it felt like it was at least 35!

  5. This mitten is just too cute! I'm always amazed at how tatting can embellish so many things and add a special touch. Thanks for the link to the Feathered Nest (and also to many other craft blogs).

    I've often used my 'real' tatting 'bits' to embellish something, but I'm afraid my 'demonstration' pieces wouldn't work. I use a Tatsy shuttle and thicker cotton yarn (as used in knitted/crocheted washcloths), and at the end of the festival I just have a sad looking, long piece of knotted string. with blue chains and white rings all strung out! Not exactly attractive! However, the visitors appreciate seeing how the knot is formed, without having to put on their glasses! Actually I can't concentrate on making 'real' things. I enjoy talking too much!

    I do admire your forging ahead with your organizing! You have more discipline than I do.

  6. Hi sweet Gina!! Thank you so very much for featuring my little mitten ornament! I absolutely love tatting and admire you looks so complicated and intricate. I wanted to wish you a wonderful and very happy new year ~ thank you again!!! hugs and love, Dawn


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