Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sore, Hungry & Tired

I finally got the hallway shampooed. I also wiped the walls down and took down the cold-air return grate and washed it. I cleaned out a much used bookshelf. Now that the carpet is drying, I washed the blades on the ceiling fan in the living room and heated a frozen broccoli/carrot/cauliflower/cheese one-person serving. It's too late to nap but I will probably shower before I go to bed. I worked up a sweat!

I still didn't get all I wanted to get done on my week off. I hoped to have the entire living room shampooed so that I could put the tree up but I'll do it in halves through the week. This is where the furniture is too much for me to move myself. In fact, I had my son move the display cabinet with dolls in it. I'm out of boxes to empty things into so couldn't empty it except for a few teacups.

I hate the idea of putting things back in the hallway - it looks so open and clean now, but I have nowhere to put some of this stuff. I felt a bit guilty for not getting to any of this yesterday afternoon but I was tired and recouping then! So while I was recouping last night, I decided to tat the other two bookmarks in the December 1986 issue of Anna that I mentioned before.

You might remember this one? I sent it to my aunt and it turns out now that it's my favorite pattern of the three.

Here's the second pattern tatted in Lizbeth size 20 Christmas thread. I might like this pattern better in a solid and thought I might tat one later. We'll see.

This is the third pattern and I used Lizbeth size 20 Victorian Red along with a strand of Sulky shiny gold. I don't know the exact color/size of the Sulky but I thought it would add a bit of gold to the overall look. I used the handle of a crochet hook as a picot gauge which makes the picots nice and loopy as well as uniform size. I almost ran out of thread on this one!

It's not like I need one more piece of furniture, but as I was thumbing through a craft magazine on the aforementioned bookshelf, I found the "Perfect Caddy". I think that would be a perfect companion to my chair - right next to it, holding the threads and books I use the most. Several hundred dollars is the cost, but I do know a few carpenters so someday.......who knows?


  1. very nice bookmarks Gina, and congrats on getting all that cleaning done, even if you didn't get finished.
    that cabinet looks very handy.

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM

    I wish I had half your energy!!

    Like the bookmarks, but my favorite is the victorian red... I love, no wait... LOVE! the picots!

    Hey, maybe you could get your carpenter friends to build me one of those too, while you're at it! I'm running out of space!

  3. I got exhausted just reading the first paragraph! I couldn't do that kind of cleaning these days - have to hire someone!

    Then you still find time to tat (and blog)! I couldn't even tat anything 'meaningful' at the Christmas event our group attended yesterday. I just rested up between demonstrating (with yarn and a Tatsy shuttle) and chatting with visitors, although the other two gals manage to actually make things!

    I'm amused at your 'lack of space' issues - same here! The 'container/drawer system' manufacturers love us, as we keep them in business. I have so MANY storage systems around here - not only for tatting but for the printers and computers and photo albums, and scrapbooking supplies, stamps, punches, paper. Plus furniture with storage capability.
    There's a price to pay for being creative!

    However, that IS an awesome caddy! :)

  4. Oh I just love that caddy!


  6. Your bookmarks look lovely, Beautiful colors, well done.

  7. Always so beautiful your works of frivolity and this cupboard Is attractive bye gina

  8. I like the caddy


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