Friday, December 31, 2010

No tatting so far but I plan to end 2010 with a shuttle in hand....or asleep. LOL!

I was up and off this morning to lunch with a friend in Greenfield. The drive is a little over an hour but rain was light and temperatures good. I actually didn't see rain again until I was on my way home and that was light and intermittent too.

I made a quick stop at the Zig Zag (Tatting) Corner and picked up these shuttles. I knew they had them but didn't want to pay shipping since I knew I'd be there at some point. I've had some unexpected prosperity in the past few days so I treated myself to TWO packs, some white DMC special cordonnet and a yard of fabric. The only thing that kept me from buying more was my lunch date with my friend, thankfully!

We had a great lunch at Applebee's and then visited a few "thrift" stores in the area. I love going to the first one especially. I ended up buying some very nice work clothes and a coat. Everything fits except the slacks which are the right size but have a fitted waist which I can never wear. But since I'm heading back to the gym and then a yoga class later in the month, I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing them soon. I really love the coat - long, wool and black with a Victorian style trim around the collar, a "galoon" as I've come to learn this type of trim is called. I have one long wool coat but this one is quite dressy which I needed. I also bought a shelf that will fit perfectly (already tested the space) between the vanity and the mirror in the bathroom. The vanity is on the small side and with my son living there, it's getting cluttered with his stuff and my stuff. This will help open up the sink top. Will probably involve some paint though. Automatically I started thinking of painting the whole bathroom. (Later.)

I got these spoons at the Goodwill there. I've wanted to paint on spoons for a long time and these are nice big bowls. Painting is not in my 2011 goals yet. I'll re-evaluate mid year and see if I can fit it in.

Speaking of goals...I asked readers what their goals were for the coming year. I actually meant stitching goals, which is only a part of our lives, right? It was interesting that most responses were about life in general. I personally decided not to go there (life goals), for this blog anyway. I can only focus on one area at a time!

So here are my stitching goals:

I decided to join the 25 motif challenge again. This time I will focus on vintage motifs, interpreting them and updating them in the process. There is a DMC publication I'm in love with and I think that is where I will start. Look for something this coming week.

I have 7 printouts sitting here by my computer and those are recent printouts!

I think I need a list and something to keep me on track. That's one reason I'm doing the 25 motif challenge again. I have a secondary goal in mind with the vintage motifs and the challenge will keep me on track.

So...deep goes

1. Finish the tatting and diagramming of Ruth Ann's Praying Cowboy.
2. Relearn the software for diagramming.
3. Review and diagram all my prior designs.
4. Polish up my bobbin lace skills. (already have plans to meet with a fellow lacer weekly for that precise reason.)
5. Make a plan to use dye in more productive manner.
6. Teach more this year.
7. Travel more.
8. Teach Irish Crochet with my local lace group.
9. Finish T.A.T. Master course IN 2011.
10. Finish Tatting Proficiency course with HLG.
11. More embroidery.
12. Follow through with designs that are on paper only.
13. Pursue exhibiting work in local galleries and gift shops.

Okay...that's a Baker's Dozen! General enough in many cases to accomplish to some degree but specific in a few to help me focus.

And of course, I'll be reading every one's blogs for inspiration and pleasure!

Wishing you all a prosperous, healthy and joyful year in 2011!


  1. Happy New Year to you and all the best in 2011!!!

  2. Hello sweetie pie...Happy New year...We have 2 1/2 hours yet before this year is over..I am guessing you are ahead of us in EST zone.

    The very best to you, and was nice meeting you this year..I look forward to spending time with you next year....

  3. Good luck on those goals! And happy new year!

  4. You have some wonderful goals, Gina! Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year to you too! I must say, I am so envious that you are able to visit the Tatting Corner store in person. Oh, how I would love to be in a store that sells that much tatting supplies--I have to settle for online.
    I look forward to reading your blog in the new year. Thank you Gina, for being such an inspiration.

  6. Happy New Year Gina!

  7. Happy New Year, Gina!! Your new shuttles are just the thing to start your new year with. Your list of 13 is a great way to keep on track the things you want to accomplish. Often I forget if I list it in my mind.

  8. Happy New Year!
    I wish you happy holidays, beauty and success!

  9. nice shuttles !!!
    I want the same
    happy new year gina


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