Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am both relieved and irritated. I'm relieved because the carpet shampooing is done. I'm irritated because my scanner won't scan. It keeps telling me there are no scan options. It worked Friday, why not today? It will copy and print but it won't scan. I tried reinstalling but a message pops up and says my computer does not support this program. Whaaaaa?

So for now, I'm confined to digital photos.

The last segment! I'm taking a half day of vacation tomorrow to put things back and figure out the tree placement. It's not rocket science but I have to sort and rearrange some things too. Maybe wash the drapes.

Chewie checking out the new playground (she thinks!). Earlier, after I vacuumed but before I shampooed, I had a flashlight and was looking for needles and such. My son's two cats, Diogi and Dillon, thought I was flashing light beams just for them! Yeah, I had fun with it. Dillon especially doesn't move that fast more than once a day. You'd think an old cat wouldn't be enthralled by moving lights.

here's the lace bobbin I won yesterday. Carolyn had John Aebi make up some samples that we can offer at our Lace Day in April to celebrate Lafayette Lacers being 30 years old.

Well,actually, you have to order them ahead of time but we spoke for the ones we wanted. They are $20 each so keep that in mind next Spring. I don't know what kind of woods - only light and dark, that's all.

Here's what I won in our exchange! We do the kind where the gifts are anonomously wrapped and dropped in a box before coming in. Then we draw numbers (if participating) and take a numbered turn picking a gift. Three times. There was a purple package that kept being taken by whomever was up. LOL! And then in the same order, the gifts were unwrapped.

Mine was from Dagmar. She actually facilitated this class in tapestry crochet at our last meeting except we made tiny bags. Nope....didn't get mine done. She made these into potholders and I think they are delightfully colorful!

I took a tiny tatted piece in a framed ornament plus one of my RPL bells. Lace Knitter Kelli Slack ended up with it!. Kelli is one reason I've been feeling prompted to knit more lately. The cowl is now about 4 1/2" long and it supposed to be 8" but since I want it long enough to act as a hood too, I'll make it longer. Besides, I have several more skeins of that yarn. Might make mittens too!

I was surprised when I got home yesterday and found a Christmas card from Kelly Dunn. Well, not really because she has sent me Christmas cards before, but this one had a sweet kitty bookmark too!

Here's a better photo of the bookmark.

I didn't take part in any online exchanges this year because I wanted to play secret santa to some particular people. At the rate I'm going though, it may be NEXT Christmas before I get things done! The weather is crappy and I have time tonight but my stuff is also a bit helter-skelter so maybe I'll just knit. I'm tired of cleaning!


  1. Everything looks great....I am waiting for the carpet cleaner man to come too
    The bobbins are lovely
    Joy in OZ

  2. My scanner does that sometimes too. If it's an HP, you can go to "Search" under your Start menu and search for "HP Solution Center". This will open up a window that allows you to initiate the scan from the computer instead of from the scanner. I have no idea why this happens, but this is the work-around.

  3. hubbie said sometimes when our scanner did that, (though he didn't explain what I did to cause it) you can look up the drivers online and re-download them for your scanner, sometimes they get deleted accidentally with another program or are misnomer-ed and (I) delete them thinking, wtf is that, I don't need that crud cluttering my computer, no wonder it is slow... and poof, no scanner for me... either way, you can look up the drives for your scanner and if you still have them it will say, you already have them, or they might need to be updated/ just an idea?

  4. I followed Miranda's suggestion but the message I get is that the scanner isn't connected. However the copy and print commands work and it shows on the scanner that it IS connected. The CD won't reinstall because it says it isn't connected. I've been doing this wireless so maybe I need to install with the usb port. Most of the time before I got to this point, I could reboot my computer and it all worked, apparently resetting itself. I'll turn it all off this morning and see what happens when I get home.

  5. Hello gina if I lived not also far I would have come of give a hand for your household(housework)

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Everything is so pretty - but I think I'm most in love with that freshly shampooed carpet

    It looks plush, and that's my favorite kind...

    If you see someone peeking through your window at night, don't worry - it's just me... drooling and hoping you'll invite me in to squish my toes in that carpet.

    That's one lucky cat!


  7. I like that bobbin shape. I do like square continentals. Lucky you!

  8. Scanner is working now.


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