Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day!

It was a good evening, indeed!

I crocheted the white flower in size 50 DMC special cordonnet. I really liked the way the two flowers looked together so I went ahead and made it into a rock cozy.

I tatted around the crocheted flower for about three rounds but switched to crochet again at that point. It's easier to make the rounds smaller quickly with crochet than with tatting...and also much easier to tear it out when it doesn't work out! I had a couple of false starts before I figured it out.

I wasn't going to do the needle lace at the end but I couldn't help myself. Otherwise it seems there is a big blank space that somehow needs filling.

Here it is with the rest of the collection. The three newest will be finding new homes soon though.

I think the tatted square I made in the last post will look better on one of the flatter rocks I have. I've been pondering on the flat ones.

Christmas Day. I will be seeing some of my family later in the day and my middle son & I have already exchanged gifts. Our get-together is Tuesday night and it is the get-together, being with family, that means the most to me on Christmas. It's the time of year that we focus on the best in each other. It's not the only time in the year, of course, but it's the time when EVERYONE does at the same time. And it's one of the (becoming more and more) rare occasions when we can all get together.

I wish for everyone to put aside their differences this day and love each and every person around them to the fullest.


  1. beautiful work & wise words.

  2. I did it again. I thought my cursor was on "publish" this time but it slipped down to "delete" just as I clicked. I get to copy it because it's on my email.

    From karrieann: those are cute! beautiful!!


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