Saturday, December 18, 2010

I changed my mind about showing this. I am so pleased with how it turned out. The recipient has no idea that they are getting anything from me anyway. I'm also tickled because I found my box of rocks last night too! That means I can make MORE! Most of the rocks I had just sitting around were too big or too small.

This is the front. I didn't realize when I showed the last post that it already fit over the stone. I painted the stone in a clear glitter acrylic because the rock itself wasn't all that pretty. I tend to pick up my rocks when they are wet and the color and pattern always show up more, so by putting a coat of varnish or clear sealer on it, it has the same effect as when it is wet. Except for the glitter.

Anyway, every time I put a coat on, it took awhile to dry so I had to wait to test the crochet part on the rock. I was able to use a little needle lace here too, so the rock is actually covered in multimedia lace. Tatting, crochet and needle lace. I guess I should say multi-technique lace.

The tatting is done is size 50 DMC cordonnet special and the crochet part is done in size 20 Aida. The needle lace was also done with the Aida since it was simply a continuation of the same thread.

I thought as I finished tatting this motif that I had done it before. Now that it is blocked, it is not the one I was thinking of. Or maybe I did. it bad when you can't remember if you've tatted something before or not? I'm not crazy about it but it does make a nice bookmark, a bit more masculine than some and it would make a nice mat with several of the same joined together.

It's motif #11 in this book which is still available at The Tatting Corner for $8.00 plus shipping. You might find it elsewhere but I know it's here. It's an older publication so it's all text, no diagrams, and the photos are black and white. I like to dream that some day I'll have time to simplify the text into short form notation and diagram each pattern for myself. It's well worth it for the 47 patterns inside.

DREAMS are free.

Yay! My son is home and he read my mind...he's bringing up the tree parts and decorations!


  1. so pretty and creative..the receiver of this lovely gift...will call it a treasure. Getting your tree up, I see your helper has arrived....
    have fund decorating. I like to pick up pretty rocks too, when they are wet the colors are so pretty..good idea about the acryllic it will help maintain the beauty of rock. blessings to you on this glorious day

  2. Hi Gina
    just 'found' your blog and would like to say how lovely the tatting looks. I tat but am only just mastering the art, slowly but surely.
    Happy Christmas

    Jane, UK

  3. You are right, Gina - this is a super little book and packed with small motifs... Bargoon.
    Fox : )

  4. I love the way the rock looks! What a great way to show off a variety of lace techniques!

    The bookmark looks very nice. Funny, I was just looking at Myra's book the other day...

  5. Gina,
    Glad your son made it & is volentaring his muscles to get your tree up. Maybe he's letting the little boy out as in it's not Christmas at mom's house without our tree! That sure is sweet of him!
    Love the rock & all the forms you done on it too! It will make an amazing paper wieght for someone or a table attention getter. Your bookmark is elegant. Thanks for sharing the information with all of us about that book too.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. The ideo of the rock is so good - the contrast between the hardness and timelessness of the rock and the softness and fragility of the lace is wonderful. A bit like life really. Oh now I'm getting a bit carried away - should go and make my breakfast coffee.

  7. Anonymous1:08 PM

    That's really lovely, Gina!

    I have a friend who paints rocks, but I never thought to glitter-ize them and cover them in lace.

  8. Still trying to keep up with you! Just hemming those curtains would have done me in!

    Love the rock idea - especially adding the glitter! A most unique idea to add the lace; and the tatting/crochet combo is an excellent design! Really - when DO you find the time (not to mention doing the posts!).

    I really like that square motif, and the spiral chain and 'tail' are perfect. And it also WOULD make a pretty mat - but not my strong point to join lots of motifs!!

    I think your tree is right on schedule. In the 'olden golden' days of my childhood (1950s) my parents didn't put the tree up until a few days before Christms, and we decorated it on Christmas Eve - adding to the excitement of Santa coming! Then it was up for the actual 'Holidays' which is the week between Christmas and New Year's, rather than from Thanksgiving to Dec. 26, which now seems to be the case?

    Went shopping today, and at least the Valentines aren't out - yet! LOL!

  9. Kathy, I hemmed those sheers with a long stitch on the sewing machine so it went really fast!

    I guess when I was a kid that the tree wasn't up all that long either. It wears me out to put it up though so I'm not in any hurry7 to take it down.


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