Saturday, October 04, 2003

Early stage of Sunflower Doily

I got back to the little doily I was working on last night. Didn't get a lot done as I was also working on a little cross-stitch needle roll. Cross-stitch is not one of my strong points and I had to unpick several stitches that I'd put in the wrong place.

In my recent cleaning frenzy, I became aware of a tub of kits I've picked up here and there, on clearance and at garage sales. It is my INTENTION to get some of these made in time for Christmas.........hence the side trip into cross-stitch.

It's easier to see mistakes when it is scanned and enlarged. LOL! I was counting picots on the doily and it looks like at the very beginning, I have too few, but they might just be folded under. I can definitely see where I hid my ends on the center motif, although I'll fix that in the blocking. I'll also even out my picots then. This thread is finer than size 12 - close to the size 80, but slick. And if I have to unpick a stitch, I have to be careful not to separate the threads. Colorwise, I'm anxious to see how it will look when it's complete. I like the way it's taking shape so far. I think this thread would be very striking with the Maple Leaf that was originally in the February 1975 issue of Workbasket. This is Tammy's rendition of it. I've printed it out to try when I'm done with the doily. I tatted the leaf before from the Workbasket pattern and made it into a bookmark for a friend of mine. I think I will do the same for another friend, using this pattern, and see if it works up a bit easier. I think for the bookmark, I just eliminated the stem for all but the bottom motif - hmmmm, I think I put a tassel there. I'll have to go look at my photos. I remember I made a mistake on the last leaf, missing a ring! And it was a thread sample Nell sent me so I couldn't go back and make another one because I didn't have enough thread. LOL! So my friend definitely has a one-of-a-kind.

Well, think I'll fix a late breakfast and motivate myself to do something not computer related.


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