Saturday, October 25, 2003

I began and ended my day running errands. I needed softener salt and the place is only open until noon, so that was my first stop. A donation to Goodwill was the second one. Then I went to a few second hand stores in search of a coverlet for the spare bed. Found one for $2.90 - perfect for the time being!

I spent most of the day cleaning and sorting, putting stuff in my new craft room - although I don't want to put too much in there as there is still work to be done. I'm just really tired of it being in the living room. I also altered my son's Halloween costume, adding inserts into the sides so it didn't squeeze him. How a 22 year old six footer can fit into a child's 4-6 is beyond me to begin with. LOL! He just happened to come out and do his laundry so I had him bring the softener salt in. He fixed himself dinner while here too - and watched tv and took a nap. And he might borrow my car to pick up a friend in Indy from the airport on Monday, if his car isn't running right. Ah well, he's still my baby.

I finished this Santa up last night, adding the white ball on top this morning. It will go to my Santa exchange partner in a coaster. This is Mark (aka Tat-man) Myers' pattern, available here. I wanted a little bit bigger hat so I sort of free-handed the red.......... this little guy doesn't take long at all to make. I tried to eliminate one cut & tie by making a split ring at the corner after a chain of a few stitiches to anchor it to the last part, and then continuing on across - adding an extra ring sequence in the process (purposely, I might add). It occurs to me now, after it's done, that I could have used one of those split ring Xmas tree patterns for the hat too. Not the whole tree! Just the upper rows.

Wow, I'm feeling exhausted. Time to tuck in.

Oh yeah - DRS emailed yesterday and said he put my shuttle in the mail. Whoo- Hoo!! I thought it would be another week.


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