Sunday, October 12, 2003

Egads! I must be the tatting poster child for boo-boos this week!

It's not something that jumps out at you but I got one of the upper wings upside down. I started the second upper wing while we were backed up in traffic yesterday on the way to the Festival. In fact, I knew I had attached it wrong once and discarded it, starting over. Then did it again! So it was going to be a twisted picot. Except as did the edging tonight, I neglected to twist it, so the longer row on the upper wing is at the bottom on the left side instead of at the top like the right wing. sigh.................

The yellow one is the one I did for Maus. Looking at it, I believe I finished the lower body and then adapted the chain edging to attach to it. The instructions have you finishing the lower body all in the same pass as doing the outer edging, so that part got a little tricky, if I remember right. I'll have to think on that for the next one.

I think I like the edging done in a darker contrasting color better. I want to make another one too, where the rings are one color and the outer chains are another. Then yet another color for the edging.

Ah well. That's an "educational piece".

I'm getting new carpet in all of the bedrooms tomorrow so I've been emptying the rooms today. Right now I'm waiting on my youngest son to come by and help me move 2 beds, a chest of drawers, and a table. I get to sleep on the sofa tonight.


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