Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Hey-Hey!!! Didja know that David Reed Smith makes a wood/pewter shuttle?

When I first started tatting, the only shuttles available around here were the Boye metal ones, which I absolutely detest. Those shuttles probably discouraged more would-be tatters than we can imagine. My early ventures onto the internet which coincided with learning to tat, turned up David's site. I loved it! My very first shuttle from him was a little 2" one. I thought perhaps a smaller shuttle would fit into my small hands more easily and I would be less clumsy.

Truth is, it just took practice, but I still find the smaller shuttles easier to use. I have several of David's shuttles. I've learned I don't like the brass spike but I only have one like that, fortunately. I have a triplet that I ordered unfinished with great expectations of painting on it.

Needless to say, that's another UFO. It's been interesting watching David's work evolve and become more sophisticated.

Yep, I want a pewter shuttle. Just gotta decide what size!

OH!! My sister keeps saying I need something to display my shuttles in. Today I was in a little second hand store - which is going out of business (and it should, IMO) and there was the perfect wooden .........whatever you call it.........with the perfect size compartments for my shuttles! Got it for $2.50. I would like a glass cover for it, but that's an easy fix - and I'll need to stain it to suit my tastes. I'm just tickled pink over it.

Wow, I can even order and pay online now. I got a 2 3/4" wooden spike pewter in Pommele Bubinga wood. Personalized with "Gina 2003" Oops .....shoulda had him put "Tatting Goddess" on it! Maybe I should get one from The Shuttle Shop with that on it too. With a MOP inlay of ...............something........goddess related. LOL!


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