Sunday, October 26, 2003

My First Stampings!

It's been a long day. I went to a Stamp party hosted by a co-worker. We made 2 cards and a notebook. It was fun! Got to do embossing and used some puff stuff, and embellished with wire and ribbon. I only bought a few things because I really don't want to get into this hobby - it gets way too expensive! My sister bought quite a bit more, but she already has a ton of stuff. I figure I can use her stuff if I really want to do a project. The green card has a bag of candy inside. I saw all kinds of ideas. Perhaps another time.

Later I went to the funeral home in another town for an uncle's showing. Stood 1 1/2 hours in I'm tired, once again. Still have laundry to finish - which may have to wait until tomorrow and dishes.

I have nothing set up to tat maybe I can play some! After dishes. Of course.


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