Friday, October 31, 2003

I know! I know! I can hardly believe it myself. Not a thing posted since Monday.................nor have I tatted. I started something from the German book but didn't get far. It's been a busy, busy week.

I skipped scrapbooking at my sister's last night to make these werewolf cupcakes. The recipe is from Woman's World, the 10/21/03 issue. I took them into work and had enough left over to give to the grandkids as their treat!

I did manage to walk the treadmill every night but last night and tonight though. I needed to get my son-in-law's birthday gift tonight and dropped the goodies at my grandkids, took photos, etc. Got home, fixed a salad, and here I am. I do intend to tat the rest of the evening. The motif I'm making is a snowflake.

OH! I was in Hobby Lobby earlier this evening and in the tatting section, one of the few tatting books they have is Mark Myers' Gathering of Angels! Now if they would just increase their inventory of tatting thread! I think they have even less than they used to. Not so much Cebelia these days but more cotton crochet thread. They have DMC size 8, but no size 12. Not that I need any more thread!!!

I would love to stay home and play for a few weeks........................I'm really wanting to paint, more than ever now.


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