Thursday, October 09, 2003

I hope no one is waiting to see what I do with the doily. I found that mistake so frustrating that I've set it aside for awhile. Actually, it's here by my keyboard, right in front of me, so I won't forget it, but I'm not going to fix it just yet. Instead, I've started a butterfly. This is one I tatted for Maus in a round robin. It's a book by Phyllis Klosterman and this is my favorite in the bunch, so I figured I needed one just for me! It's in pink and white - not my favorite colors, but it just felt right to put them together for this. Not that I've had any time to tat!

Tonight I went to my sister's for the scrapbooking session. It was a howling laughter session in the end, but I did get one scrapbook page done finally. A very simple one at that. We were entertained by her husband's laughter at first. He was watching an episode of Friends and laughing so hard I thought he would pass out. Laughter like that is contagious so we couldn't help but laugh too and one thing led to another until I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes and my belly hurt! It sure do feel good to laugh like that!

So I'm home late ...............and I'll try to do a bit on the butterfly.


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