Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Ever wonder how they make floats for the big parades? Check here to see how it's done.

I was home yesterday while the electrician did some work - one more outlet to do! Anyway, I got to spend time tatting. Finished one snowflake and the other is close.

Since it is taking so long to get the house things done that I wanted, I can see I won't get near as much tatting done. I have 4 storage tubs to go through - stuff that was in the kitchen that I took out so the guy would have room to work. I don't want to put it back. My middle son came by for dinner last night and I sent a bunch of stuff with him. Now who else can I foist this perfectly good stuff off on? LOL! The bad thing is that it will take quite a bit of time to go through it all.

Done! The spoke one was a bit difficult in the pressing. I may rewet it and do it again. Both were December snowflakes from Lene Bjorn's book, 24 Julestjerner i Orkis. The thread is Coates Dual Duty quilting thread. On the spoke one, I used a shuttle and ball. I think I was really supposed to use 2 shuttles. That way I wouldn't have to cross threads each time I did a ring and then the inner chains would appear straighter rather than jointed.

The electrician comes tomorrow morning to finish the job. Now, to get the guy who put in the dishwasher to finish his job!


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