Sunday, December 21, 2003

What's going on? My tatting friends are knitting, including me! LOL!

Well, I knitted a test swatch to check the gauge, which turned out ok, but I decided I didn't like the yarn color for me. Which is okay, because I really want to knit a wimple or a cape - two patterns I've been hoarding for years! So, back to test knitting - which will have to wait now til the next weekend.

All this cleaning I've been doing is turning up inspiration right and left! There will never be enough time to do everything I want to do. I came across several wooden pieces I wanted to paint on. Photo frames I wanted to refurbish. Rocks I want to paint on. Several filet crochet patterns I want to do. A magazine I picked up at a 2nd hand store has a lot of Christmas filet crochet................the only way I'll get it done for next year is to do it now and put it away for then.

And evermore tatting!

There was a tatting mag at Hopie's that had curtains with tatted motif inserts. Shall I do that for the kitchen or the sewing room???? In white or color? And you know how that snowballs! I have some sheers in the living room with butterflies and dragonflies faintly on the panels. So maybe I could take some white fabric and make colorful tatted butterflies and dragonflies to stitch in as an insert? Maybe try a little cutwork that I've been itching to do?

LOL! We aren't even through Christmas yet and I've got the next several months plotted out!


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