Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I was looking at Rozella Linden's website which features some patterns and tips about celtic tatting and other tatting. One of the nifty tips I found was how to make a picot gauge from a floss holder. An added bonus to it is that it has a hole so you can put it on a chain or ribbon to keep it handy around your neck! There is a nice celtic knot tatted pendent if you are looking for a challenge in the coming year! Look for both under Articles and Stories. Rozella also has a yahoo group focused on celtic tatting that you can access from a link on the site.

Want to see some Lace cartoons?

What to do with all those plastic bags that you collected with all your Christmas shopping? There are patterns here for crocheted angels, trees, and wreaths from plastic bags.

Here's a new twist on marketing Tatted Jewelry. See Veronica's Victoriana. There is an instructional video on the site also - one I've not heard of. The instructor lives in Northern Vermont, for those looking for help in that area. Maybe...........I tried emailing from the link and it was undeliverable.

Here are a few free patterns for a tatted wreath and tatted earrings.

There is a pattern for a chatelaine among the patterns for sale. I created my own chatelaine pattern for a secret swap a few years ago. I've been wanting to make one for me too! It had embroidered silk flowers on it, and attached to a wide ribbon. There is a scissors holder, needlebook, a pincushion and a little bag. All had a simple tatted edging. Almost too fancy to use!

Well, that's enough surfing for the day.


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