Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I don't think anyone from my lace group reads this or at least they will be too busy today and tomorrow to read it. Tomorrow night is our December meeting and Christmas get-together. The gift exchange is optional. You bring something lace related, wrapped and without tags. It's put in a box upon entering so no one sees who it is from. This is the first time I participated in this part.

This is really an easy gift. I wish I had more time - I'd make a bunch of them. The beaded amulet bag is from Dianna Stevens It's in the Bag. I've thought in the past that they needed a liner, in case a person wants to actually put something in there, like.........oh say...............a shuttle. Or a favorite stone or crystal I put in this one, a tiny chocolate bar. The liner is red fabric with tiny gold specks in it and the Santa is a button. I ended up sewing the button on. I tried attaching it with ribbon but it kept turning sideways so I gave up and sewed it on. The stitches can be clipped and the button removed, as well as the liner then. I hope whoever gets it likes it.

I was surfing a bit today and found a few goodies - posted them on here temporarily, I thought, but when I went to close it, I clicked the wrong button and lost them. I found a really festive idea by Roger at Needle Tatting Two who suggests placing tatted hearts on cones as ornaments. Really, you could put any kind of tatted motif on a cone and fill it with Christmas tinsel or something else Christmasy and hang it on the tree. Wouldn't that be beautiful?

I noticed on this site that Jeanne had made another bookmark with the crocheted leaves in a Christmas theme. I'm not sure if you have to be a member to view these or not. I shuttle tat instead of needle tatting but I don't have any problem using the same directions. Lots of Great ideas here if you are interested.

I see I joined another tatting group on MSN at some point. This one has Spanish on it along with English. Tatting!~Tat's It! I believe they changed the whole format from the last time I was there - I don't remember the Spanish at all, but this is good because I've been working at improving and increasing my use of the language. And then there is this one which appears to be entirely in Spanish. Ah yes, this one is Wally's. I don't see Tatbit's though. I wonder what happened to that one? I don't remember receiving any kind of notice. A search listed it but it can't be found. Pooh.

Oh wow, bedtime already. The days are galloping by way toooo fast!


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