Sunday, December 07, 2003

Here are two of my Lace Group members sitting in the storefront Saturday. It's a nice little restaurant that has had very limited hours. My sister and her husband ate there once. You had to have reservations and it was $20/person - only open a few nights a week. As it turns out, they are expanding their hours and have a wonderful menu. They also gave us free lunch, which was completely unexpected. I had their cajun gumbo which was absolutely delicious, followed with a bread pudding with whiskey sauce. I'll definitely be going back there.

After my own shift in the window, I made my way up the street to see what else was new in town. I hardly ever go downtown these days so it's always a surprise. Earlier, before my shift, I stopped in the Ding-A-Ling, a well-known craft store, and bought some thread and a painting book. They have a limited supply of tatting thread - but I did find some Cebelia in a lovely Christmas red and size 30 that I don't think I have. I'm using it right now, threading red beads onto it to make a Christmasy amulet bag!

I haven't had much tatting time this weekend. I've had some electrical and plumbing work done and now it's time to get everything back in place and clean and put up my own Christmas tree. I'm pretty sure I won't get to that before next weekend.

My lace group is having their Christmas meeting on Thursday. I'm taking a co-worker to lunch on Friday for her birthday. And I need to start wrapping Christmas gifts and do MORE shopping!

It was my grandson's birthday it was a break from Christmas thinking. LOL!


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