Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Finally, after 3 days, I have my tree done.

I went to St. Vincent's on my lunch hour today. Got a bag with 6 skeins of purple yarn in it. I have some dark green chenille yarn already --- so this will make a nice afghan to match the colors in my bedroom. Also got 3 sets of circular knitting needles for $1.00 each, very nice ones, but they don't have a size on them. I can't figure out why a manufacturer would not mark them somehow. Crochet hooks are.

Also got a Christmas hot pad and mitt set. A wire mesh basket with tree design.

And then, with more time to kill, went to another new "thrift" store where a different one closed up awhile back. This guy has it nice and clean and well - arranged and he's not sitting behind the counter smoking the whole time. Last person did that - I didn't go in very often. It was kinda skudgy too, but I found some shuttles there once, so I checked again every so often.

I don't think I'll get my reindeer done.

I'm going to bed early for a change. Still late, but earlier than I have been lately.


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