Monday, December 01, 2003

Ta-da! I had one teensy point to finish, but I knew I was going to run out of thread on one shuttle so I kept putting it off! When you click on the thumbnail and see the larger version, it will probably be actual size. Anyway, it was on my computer when I resized the original from the huge one it was. The thread is from Perfect Quilter, and really worked up quite nicely. If I had used size 20 or 30, it would have been considerably larger. I've not decided what I will do with it, but I've been thinking of framing it. I'm not a doily person - as far as using them on furniture.

Next project - a couple of snowflakes from 24 Julestjerner i Orkis by Lene Bjorn. I started one on Saturday in Coats quilt thread. I don't know what it is about using finer threads lately. I just like the look of it better. After this, I'm hoping to finish that reindeer - much later than I wanted. Then I'm going to try knitting some lace .............but there is a headscarf I've been wanting to knit for years, so I might do that first. I'll probably be happy with the larger tatting threads after that.

WARNING! Filet Crochet................

Hopie - this is eyecandy for you!

I thought there was another photo of the panel alone but I can't find it and this one is a bit discolored. Taken in 1976. You can't really see the panel very well but it is a cherub holding a basket of flowers over its head. Poor Hope almost died when I told her I had stapled it to the frame.

This is the edging I made to put on a towel for myself. Obviously, it is not yet on a towel. It was years ago that I made it - at least 15 years. I made towel edgings for the females in my immediate family and created a basket with bath soaps, lotion, trashy romance novels, tea or hot cocoa, chocolate.............comfort stuff - for Christmas gifts.

While I was at Hope's, she showed me her own filet crochet and the 100+ hankies with edgings! I found my own stash of hankies while looking for that edging. One has a beautiful hairpin lace edging. Maybe I'll show them off another time.

I have another photo of a smock top I made for me, but it shrank and ended up being a dress for my daughter. My granddaughter has worn it also. I'll try to find it one of these days. For now, it's getting late and I need to finish up some other things.


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