Saturday, December 13, 2003

I thought I would empty a shuttle by trying out the celtic square provided on yahoo group Celtic Tatting. Ruth has put a few diagrams there to inspire us. Ha! This requires either needle tatting or finger tatting to weave in the chains so I used a paper clip as a shuttle for the second half, thinking it would fit through the loops, and it did, but it was hard to keep the thread from unwinding. I haven't woven in the ends but I don't think that will round off those 2 corners the way I would like. I think I'm going to have to take this to the list to get some input. It would've been easier to follow if I had used 2 different color threads too but there I was, emptying a shuttle. LOL!

It's way too late to be doing this, but once I started, I was determined to follow it through. The first half didn't take long at all and the 2nd half is just like the first except you have to weave it under and over..............and therein lies the potential for confusion.

Party went well last night. I think the person who got mine was happy. I got 2 gold sparkly snowflakes which I put on the tree at work. I met a doe as I drove up Cathy's lane. Someone else saw 3 deer on their way. Also one dead raccoon right smack in the middle. We had wonderful desserts - much more sugar than I've had in quite some time. Cathy has 2 beautiful and FRIENDLY greyhounds, Darwin and Taze. Darwin just kind of melts into you when you pet him.

The weekend will be a cleaning and tree-trimming one but my next project is to finish that reindeer I started last year!



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