Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ahem.....another Un-Finished Object I came across. I started this name doily for my boss when she helped me make my current position happen. Fortunately, she doesn't know about it. I'm so embarrassed.

I still want to finish it and frame it. I have high regard for her and would still like to give this to her. 4 more letters......just gotta find which book I was using for the letters.

I really enjoyed name doilies though I've not made very many so far. Tatting kind of got in the way. And here's my latest will never be a favorite but I learned a few things from it and it was good practice.

I also remembered today that I want to try tatting with the gradual change in color by using more than one thread and progressively changing one thread each round. Might be a good way to use some embroidery thread. I'd like to figure out how to put UFO's and future projects in a sidebar. Well....I know how, just need to do it.


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