Friday, May 07, 2004

Last night I finished another motif on my Rose Garden doily. There are now 4 complete around the center one. Two more for this round and then I start the outer round. I measured the thread yesterday and discovered right around 4 yards on the shuttle will do the motif, so I can quit overloading the shuttle. Still not sure on time. I started that motif during lunch, spent about 20 minutes at it and then finished it last night in about a half hour. Both sessions involved unknotting something and winding a shuttle and untatting, so clearly, tatting from beginning to end of motif is less than an hour. Now that I'm started on it, I want to stay with it, but I have to set it aside and finish up the storybook tonight. Also, one of my lace guild friends loaned me book on bobbinlace to get me started before we meet tomorrow. I didn't have time to look at it last night, but tonight I have to wind the bobbins, at least.

LOL! I’ve been surfing Wally’s website. I found a cute little thing to check out what your past life is. This one is for kicks and giggles but it’s something I’ve done seriously in the past. I found it helpful in understanding and making sense of this life, but at this point, I’m more focused in the moment, as the moment I’m living now is the important one. Still, there are numerous references from dreams and regression that I’ve been involved in needlecrafts for centuries. LOL! Which is a good thing because there is no way I’m going to be able to do all the things I want to do in this lifetime.

I know this is contrary to some people’s beliefs and I honor those, but I’ve found peace with my beliefs and they serve me well. For those who are interested, years ago, when I first started quilting, I dreamt of quilts repeatedly. In one dream, I was shown numerous quilts/coverlets I had made in that lifetime and the one I remember the best was all white with elaborate quilting in a floral design. I also understood the metaphor from other dreams - the lifetimes as pieces of a quilt making up the fabric of our being. Everchanging, sometimes beautiful, sometimes utilitarian, sometimes an instructional “sampler”. I did the same thing when I started tatting, seeing piece after piece of work that had been familiar to me at one time, understanding how adding a thread here and a color there changes the whole outcome.

Well, ‘nuff of that.

Then there is the gift registry for tatters – linked from Wally’s site, but it’s Bina’s website. What a super idea! I was going to register and then realized I needed a wish list already made out before I do that. LOL! That might take some studying. Can you register a wish for “organization” or “more time”?

Last night I also remembered the Dorcas baby bonnet that I recreated from a photo Georgia gave me and that I haven't documented yet. I want to get that done before I go to Palmettos too so I can give it to her. How did I ever get so far behind?


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