Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Finally! Something from the black hole emerges! I've been searching for stuff that falls into that black hole of unknown origin all night. This is the UFO I've been meaning to work on but I couldn't find it. It's the Rose Garden Doily from The Big Book of Tatting published by White House of Birches. I had been looking for some watercolor instructions for a coworker and didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Then I was looking for a document a friend sent me a few years ago and who now needs a copy. Absolutely can't find it and I KNOW I had it. And I was thinking of all this missing stuff while I was in the basement and thought I'd look for the box of watercolor pencils that is also missing real quick...............only to come across the missing tatting! So I quit while I was ahead! LOL! Actually, my dinner was cooking (yeah, I'm just now eating) and I still need to look through a few more magazines for the watercolor instructions. The pencils and document will have to wait for another time.

During Lace Day in March, I bought a little booklet off of Georgia, a xeroxed copy of "Self-Instruction in Tatting" by Eloise King. I think it was only $1 which barely covers copying. During lunch I was looking for a way to empty more shuttles and test something simple at the same time and I saw this little edging that looked interesting, on page 6 if you have a copy yourself. The tricky part is to leave enough space between the 2 ring pairs so that when it's done, you don't have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out to fit. The directions say to leave a little more than 1/2", depending on "fineness" of thread. Hell, I'm not even sure what size thread was on the shuttle! LOL! When I look at it now though, I don't think the space I left is even 1/2" so I need to be a bit more generous if I try it again. I suspect this edging would look best if you crocheted over the single thread edge while attaching it to the article.

Guess I won't sew the storybook tonight. Too late to start now. Tomorrow night is painting. Thursday is Scrapbooking. sigh.........................It's no wonder I'm ready to hibernate by Fridays.


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