Saturday, May 29, 2004

I still did not get to tat today. The fellow doing my closets was here all afternoon working on them. I need to get doorknobs and they are done! Well, except for painting and I'll do that later in the month. I spent a few hours mowing while he did that and then came in and did laundry, which I'm still working on, and a lot of cleaning and sorting in the kitchen. And I made out my bills for the month so that chore is done.

Then this evening, I met with a group online so that tied me up for awhile, but then as the conversation went along other lines, I dug up all my filled shuttles (well, not all of them) and emptied them of thread so I will have shuttles for LACE DAY! I now have 20 clovers waiting to work for me. I also spent some time transcribing the Butterfly collar from a 1914 Needlecraft magazine. I'm still not done, but I think there are only 2 more short paragraphs and then I will need to proof it. It's a little confusing since it's concluded on another page and there, the paragraphs are numbered. Ah well...........I'll post it here when I've finished and tested it.

For now, I need a break from the computer.


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