Monday, May 03, 2004

Just a last minute quickie post before I go to bed - or it would be if I had a higher speed connection.
This is the Patchwork motif from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns. I was trying to empty some shuttles during my lunch hour and this one looked interesting. I like the way the colors complemented each other. I might have to make more. The brighter, darker blue is the one I used on the body of the snail and it's Altin Basak. This particular color is white underneath, meaning a poor dye job. The other balls aren't like that. I've heard of this with this brand but this is the only ball of thread I've noticed it on myself.

I sewed the last of the critters down this evening and will start sewing the storybook tomorrow night. Too bad I can't take my sewing machine to work. Actually, a lady I used to work with did that. LOL! She was the attendent in the parking garage and she brought her little machine and set it up inside the booth and stitched away!

I've been asked to find an edging and/or insertion suitable for put in a newsletter so that means checking out the old Needlecrafts to avoid copyright issues.

Got the May issue of Anna today. I was mildly disappointed. I always expect something spectacular in the tatting course and the course part usually is not, because it's for learning tatters. It has a nice doily and there is a sampler which is a great way to practice and then display technique. I think I would use something more complicated and eyecatching for motifs but it's a good beginner piece. There are also 2 bags with tatted motifs on them. The pattern for the bag is included in the pattern section.

Well, off to bed. Up early for another day of work.


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