Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I spent a little time at lunch working on the UFO. Still didn't finish the 4th motif, but it is in progress and currently attached to the other 3 and I remember the routine now. I also figured out how I had planned the colors of the rosettes. If I remember right, it takes me a little over an hour to do the background on one rosette. I don't have the booklet with me but the fair is the week of July 21st. I have 11 weeks and 15 motifs to go.

At the time, the colors looked really good together, but I have to admit, they go with absolutely nothing in my house. Guess it will be another give-away.

I had this noted a long time ago, but never got around to posting it. The other Gina B., Gina Butler, has 2 patterns on her website, a wedding garter (June is the month of weddings) and a tatted headband, in pdf format to boot.

I've been randomly checking my bookmarks/favorites. I really wish websites were updated more often. Anyway, here is a favorite of mine, fabric origami. I noticed they no longer have the folds on there. They used to have folds for every box they pictured and there were even more than what is there now. I hope I printed it out at the time, though I don't think so because there were so many. I believe it is a business now. I still haven't tried it but it looks like fun! The process for preparing the fabric is still there.

Here are some envelope and letter folds which would make nice packaging too. Oh, some paper dolls to color and cut out, based on British tv shows, so they characters are not familiar to me, but looks like fun anyway. use the origami fabric stiffening process for the clothes and then use your tat boo-boos to embellish them!

Looked at some of my quilt sites. Some are there, many are gone. Might have to go a googling!


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