Saturday, May 15, 2004

I managed to make it to the Credit Union and get some softener salt before noon today, in spite of not getting up until after 11:00 a.m. I intended to sleep in, but not that long! Guess I needed it.

Then I hit a few garage sales even though it was late and cool out. I still got some deals!

I collect small silver pitchers like the one above. They are usually used in restaurants for hot tea water or syrup. This one is nickel silver and the base is part of the pitcher which makes it unusual. Then I couldn't pass up the porcelein plate. Maybe I'll get around to tatting an Ice Crystals doily myself and can put it in the plate! She had $3 on it and took $2. I know they are quite a bit more in the store. I got 3 linens for $.50. I have quite a collection - I intend to make little bags or pouches out of most that I have. The ceremic frame just appealed to me with the dragonfly. I thought I could tat a dragonfly and put it in there. I also got some wooden craft pieces to paint on, a flower drying kit that hadn't been used, several books, sunglasses, a flamingo bird cup (family joke), a tablecloth, gold Christmas balls, a wood bead belt, and some other stuff I don't remember now. One place sold paper grocery bags for $1 and you filled it. That's where I got quite a bit! I spent less than $15.00.

Finished the baby storybook tonight. I knew the pages would be difficult to stitch neatly on the sewing machine, but it worked out okay. All I need to do is write the babe's name and who it's from. I think it is Carter, but I need to check for sure.


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