Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I was surfing Needle Tatting Two today and was reminded again what a wonderful resource this is for needle tatters. I prefer the shuttle myself, but I have done a little needle tatting and it's a very good way to start the learning process if you want to tat. Roger has a huge collection of patterns and techniques on this site and I would recommend it to anyone.

I finished up the edging for the bag during session breaks at the conference yesterday. I tatted a celtic circle from Rozella's website. I haven't gotten it to the shape I really want yet, but I'll applique those to the flaps if I can get them to work out. I found a celtic star on above Needle Tatting Two site that might work too. It has to be very small.........I might just tat a small simple motif.

Got my class schedule tonight! Good thing, since I couldn't remember what I chose.
Session 1
Ruth (S)
Session 2
Nina (S)
Session 3
Jane (S)
Session 4
Karey (S)

BTW, got word about an hour ago that my niece is on her way to the hospital after her water broke. Looks like her baby will be born on my mom's birthday, which we were all kind of hoping for anyway!


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