Saturday, December 13, 2008

December Blog Anniversary Winner!

Cormac was all smiles once I told him his relatives were coming to visit. He even offered to pull the name out of the box for the December Blog Anniversary Winner!

Congratulations to Trina Hall of Ohio! Trina is also a thread supplier so I guess thread won't be in the package!

Here's what I got in our exchange today - a silk ribbon embroidered patchwork chickie pincushion made by Sally Carter! He(or she) is adorable. In 2005, I also ended up with Sally's package which was also a pincushion! I told her I was going to collect them now. LOL! Dagmar, our German member, ended up with mine which was the RPL motif, a candy cane with a knitted cozy, and a plastic Santa ornament with thread and beads in it.

The food was great and we all sat around and talked and stitched on our various projects as we nibbled. Later on, I went with a friend from work to see Four Christmases.

And this is the edging I ended up tatting for _________. (to be shown later)


  1. Congratulations to Trina. Lucky girl! The stitching on the pincushion is cute.

  2. I saw "Four Christmases" last night too! It was pretty good!

  3. I'm sulking AGAIN!!!!

  4. Good job Cormac. Congratulations to Trina! You were a lucky winner too. Now you have two precious pin cushions. I am glad you got to have a good time with your friends.


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