Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I was determined to get some tatting in last night and here's the result. Originally, I had all my HDT at hand but I'm still not sure what to do with them. As it turned out, I needed to empty some shuttles anyway so I made a bookmark from a pattern by Rozella Linden (Ruth Perry) in Easy Tatting. I was going for the square shape but ended up with 5 points. This pattern is originally for a small doily but she shows how to adapt it to other shapes. This is one pattern where I like the big big picots. Usually, I prefer a more medium picot. I don't remember the exact thread brands but they were size 20.

I got word this morning that Betsy opened her package. It wasn't a Christmas gift but she had been trying to hold out for Christmas. I'm glad she caved in - it gives me something to post! I've shown the candy cane cozy before but here it is with a bow and an angel bell at the bottom. These are such quick little gifts. They not only hold candy, but can be used as a tree ornament. I knitted it from a cotton yarn.

I tried to avoid a Christmas theme since this was an anniversary celebration but I couldn't help it (had the candy cane too) and tatted this heart with the holly on it after seeing someone else had done such a pretty adaptation of Rosemarie Peel's heart basket. Tatted from size 20 varigated red.

Not only did I knit for this package, I decided to crochet this corner bookmark that I found online. I started this over three times before I figured out that I was doing it right. It starts at the top and is crocheted all in one piece but I kept thinking it started at the center of the spider design and was done in two pieces. Once I figured it out, it went fast. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get my head around the processes when I switch needlecrafts. Crocheted with size 20 Aida thread.

I also made Betsy a little pouch. I love the fabric on this one. Half the fun is finding the button and bead trims for these. I've been using different sizes of bias binding on them too. I think I like the narrower binding better although it is also harder to get on right with all those layers. I found another product that I'm going to try instead of the batting but I've already got a few sewn up so that experiment will have to wait for another day.


  1. Lucky Betsy. Love the little pouch. Tat's my favourite.

  2. Hey Gina
    Thanks for your e-mail the other night. It was a comfort.
    I had seen the candy cane idea recently on some crochet pattern site. I thought Wow if you took a pattern for tatted beading (you know the kind you thread ribbon through) and made that up and put the candy cane through it. Wouldn't that be adorable?

  3. Those are all such lovely gifts. Betsy is very lucky! :)

  4. Oh I love the holly cute!

  5. Jane - I love that fabric and may make one for myself!

    Connie - I kept thinking there should be a way to do this in tatting (although knitting is VERY fast) and you just made the lightbulb go on! Take any bookmark-like pattern, not too long, and join the edges together. As long as the pattern is dense enough to keep the candy cane from falling through, it should work. In fact, I'm thinking of that spiral clover pattern which I've linked to in my patterns, done in red & white. Got one right here...but the thread is too small. Maybe in size 20, better even in size 10 perhaps.

    thank you Tattingchic!

    Sherry - Someone recently tatted the heart with rings and beads holly and I could not find it yesterday. I think they had also tatted a bell - but I googled images and used Rosemarie's name and nothing came up. I'd like to credit her for the idea if I can find her blog again! I know I have the link here - but WHICH ONE????


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