Friday, December 19, 2008

Jingles with new fabric stash!

Every so often I see myself mentioned somewhere and it's a nice little perk but the one I saw today really puffed me up! I'm one of the "T" links featured in Pin Tangle. Sharon's blog is not about tatting - she actually focuses on stitching for quilts and crazy quilts but her links are about textiles, fibers, beads, stitching, and creativity. Or, as she puts it, "I choose blogs that are on topic and written reasonably frequently, by textile practitioners and designers who do such things as quilt, stitch, dye, sew, embellish fabric, bead, use visual journals, or are interested in art and design."

Be sure to check out the links for earlier letters in the alphabet which she also links to in her post.

Wow...I sat down to knit on this mitten, a foldover mitten for my granddaughter, popped in a Harry Potter movie, knit 2 rounds and decided to lay down a bit on the sofa. Two hours later, I woke up, just as the movie was ending! I can't be that tired...I think it's all the starch I've been eating. Yesterday we had all the pizza we could eat for lunch and then today, the department gave us sandwiches and cake and cake and....for lunch. For someone who has eaten primarily low-carb for the past few years, the high carb stuff is not settling well. A friend sent me some kind of caramel swirl from Swiss Colony today. sigh........

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  1. Hi Gina
    its interesting that you are having trouble with starch as I am in the same boat - I have have a low carb diet and at the moment the minute I eat bread or cake I bloat and feel really uncomfortable. I wonder if bodies simply go into a sort of revolt after a good diet


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