Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm working on lace at the moment but it's not tatting - more Romanian Point Lace. I wanted to try Lenore's design, but didn't have time to trace it and attach it to fabric just now. I needed to get this piece done quickly. I expect to finish it tonight. I thought I would get it done last night but I chose to go to bed early for a change and I'm glad I did. A friend told me she thought I pushed myself too much and then crashed and burned (stayed home last Friday and slept til 10:00 a.m.) so I'm going to try to get a bit more sleep. I've always stayed up until 11:00 p.m. or later, but getting up before 6:00 a.m. means I'm really not getting enough sleep. I used to be able to sleep in later so don't tell me it's because I'm older. LOL! I actually sleep less now than ever before, even on weekends. THAT is because of getting older.

Anyway, this motif looks a bit funny because I couched it down with yellow thread and that makes it look sickly to me. I keep reminding myself that it will look very different once I get it off the template. I have Lenore's printed out and once I finish this one, I'll put hers on the fabric so I can do it when I have some cord crocheted. I may have some cord stashed somewhere. I've been trying to reorganize as I clean and that means it takes longer to find some things.

I got home last night and noticed Cormac was turned in a different direction and his celtic crown was missing....which I found, not too far from him, on the scanner. I suspect kitty 1 or kitty 2 got curious and sniffed him out. Needless to say, Cormac is not speaking to me at the moment, so I will have to do something special to soften him up. I know! I'll tell him his relatives are coming to visit!


  1. I don't believe that he has lost his crown ALREADY...I thought you would have to prise it off him.

    Your Romanian Point lace if fab, never tried it but i do have a book.

  2. Beware the relatives!! Lock up your stash or they may have a big tat party.

  3. Your motif looks great! It's fun to change out the stitches and get something totally new.
    It's surprising, but the color of the couching thread bothers me, too. I didn't like the navy thread I was using, and found a soft periwinkle that disappears into the cord. Next I need to ditch the unbleached muslin and find a pastel green or blue. White on white is not good.

  4. Your RPL looks very promising! I look forward to seeing the progress! Poor Cormac. I hope he feels better soon after his traumatic experience!


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