Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, now this just isn't fair! TattingChic awarded me a second Kreativ Blogger award and I haven't even passed on the first one! I read somewhere that this particular award comes in five different colors! Are you ever curious about how and where these things start?

I am.

So I googled. I didn't really want to invest a lot of time and after 4 or 5 different search terms, I gave up. The only thing I found was Cheth Studios, (intensive graphic site so it's SLOW loading) which offers some animated badges that you can customize a little bit. I suppose you could photoshop any graphic and design your own badge. Anyway, since I don't have time to sort out 6 people to pass these awards to right now, I don't think I'll invest any more time into the history of blog badges just now either.

I haven't been tatting but I did paint up a few miniature Christmas trees for thread winders. Since I was largely experimenting, paintwise, I painted the front and back different. I put ornaments on the front but not the back. LOL!

Alrighty! I am SO needing to tat!

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  1. I had no idea it came in 5 different colors! Thanks for the info. I had seen the pink and the blue floating around, but not the others ones (maybe I have, but my mind just doesn't recall right now.) I am always interested in the history of those things, too.
    Your little thread winder ornies are so sweet and festive! I love 'em! :)


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