Thursday, December 25, 2008

First of all, it's been a very different Christmas this year. We're not actually getting together as a family until Friday, a first for us. We've always gotten together on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day but the bigger we get, the more complicated it gets. It's also been such a profoundly busy year for all of us that we did not have as much time to prepare as we have in the past. I didn't get a tree up this year, the first time ever in my life. I found the little dog with the Santa hat in my box of wrapping paper and ribbon. That's pretty much it this year. It's not a bad Christmas - but it is a very different one. I went to my oldest son's house for a late lunch today and to exchange gifts. Then I went to my daughter's house for the same in the evening. I'll see my other two sons tomorrow when we ALL get together. This year we'll have a new family member, my new daughter-in-law, and my oldest grandson (now 21) will be with us for the first Christmas since he was 14. Long story there that I'm not going into but it truly will be a wonderful day that we are all together.

Guess who met up in my house? Cormac and Chris Sockmonkey found each other! They're hanging out in a box of green peanuts. Cormac let me know he needed a candy cane too so I found him one to go with the rainbow bright thread he arrived with. The monkey was a gift from Gail Owens a few years ago. I suspect these two might find a few other critters who have traveled far to come live with me. I hope they all get along. Nothing's worse than a bunch of squabbling fiber-filled blokes!

I was so busy this morning doing last minute gift wrapping for tomorrow that I completely forgot about my Secret Santa package! I happened to see someone's email referring to what they got and dashed right back into the living room to open mine! Melissa Jurisch is my Secret Santa and she was so good to me! Some of my photos didn't turn out clearly but I've got plenty to show here anyway. This is the bottom of the tatted glass ball cover. The other views were blurry but I might get a better pic later. This was adapted from one of JoAnn Stearns patterns. Even though this is a clear photo, you can't really see the multicolored metallic thread added to the white that she tatted with. You can see the color change but not that it sparkles!

I was delighted with this teacup! It has the strainer in it for brewing with tealeaves. I love the various oriental dragons on this design. I have two other cups that have the inner strainer like this - one had a decidedly oriental design but is missing the lid (which I just realized) and the other is a solid red one that I bought when I was in Montana a few years ago. Obviously Melissa knows I like my tea!

I noticed there was a lot of purple in this package - she really did her homework. LOL! This bell is an adaptation of a 3D bell pattern by Roger Freedman. It has beautiful sparkly crystals along the bottom and a bead clapper inside. The stem of the clapper is done in the node stitch and is held inside the bell with yet another tiny golden bell. Very well done.

She also tatted this snowflake, a pattern by Kim Millar. This had a flat crocheted braid in it, like the one Lenore used for her RPL snowflake. I've long wanted to tat this snowflake but hadn't gotten around to it yet, so I'm delighted to have it! I believe this one is Frosty Delight.

Melissa also sent me chocolate - 2 small boxes of assorted Guylian chocolate and 2 bars of Moonstruck chocolate bars, made there in Portland, Oregon! There is also a blue glass suncatcher with a lighthouse shape in the glass which is also made there - I love it - but the photo was blurry so might show that one later too. I also got blue square beads that look lavendar inside, some Flora size 50 variegated thread, and some Egyptian Signature variegated purple thread. I'm getting antsy to try it all out!

And look what my snoopy pals are into now!


  1. Merry Christmas! Your swap partner spoiled you! Love that snowflake and bell! Thanks for the visit to my blog earlier today! Glad you liked the angel! :)

  2. What a lovely post, Gina. I am so glad Cormac is getting along with Sock Monkey. I'm sure they will have lots of adventures. Hope they will all be good! Leps can be so demanding. Different Christmases can be hard to handle. I just keep telling myself that it doesn't have to be on the exact day. The spirit is what is important. I like all of your other pictures and surprises. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh my you did get spoiled for sure. LOL yep looks like Cormac found a pretty neat friend! Just like a couple of little kids, you are sure going to have to watch and keep'em out of trouble LOL!

    Oh I LOVE your tea cup!!!!! Hubby just bought me about 8 boxes of tea the other day,,,all different flavors! I have to agree, nothing better than a great cup of tea!!! I really love the fruit or flower blossom green teas!

    Oh and what beautiful tatting!!! Yep Purple is about a perfect color!

    Congratulations on all your awesome goodies Gina!!!

    Have a great week with your family!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas, Gina!


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