Sunday, December 28, 2008

I thought I had a photo of my favorite hickory tree posted but a search doesn't find it. I suspect it was on one of those old online photo albums that no longer exists and I haven't bothered to fix the pictures. is that favorite hickory now. It fell during strong winds last night at 1:00 a.m.

I was in the living room, taking a break from my knitting, when there was a big boom and I saw something fall in the hallway. When I got up to investigate, it was the piece of wood that covers the attic access. I looked out my front door and saw tree branches. It happened that I have a stepladder in the house and brought it over and climbed up to put the board back, with flashlight in hand. I could feel the cold draft and with the flashlight, I could see a hole in my roof.

This is where the tree landed. It punched a hole in the roof and tore off guttering and the southmost section. I immediately called my insurance company, was on hold for a good 15 minutes before I got through, and they advised me to try to find someone to cut the tree up and they would send someone to make some emergency repairs to prevent further damage.


I'm still waiting for someone to cut up the tree. I can only get out of the house through the basement door. The tree blocks the entrance to the garage so I can't drive anywhere either.

Good news? I'm not hurt. I still have power. The house is intact inside and comfortable. I have coverage. Someone should be here soon. It's not pouring rain or even raining. The sun is coming out.


  1. OMG! I am glad you didn't get hurt! Wow, I knew the winds were bad, but didn't know they were that bad last night! Hope someone gets there soon to fix you up!

  2. YIKES Gina!!! Thank goodness (Praise Heavenly Father) you are still OK! I bet that was kind of scary!

    Hopefully someone will come by and help you. Do you have any neighbors fairly close who can help you?

    I'm really glad you are safe and OK. And you have Cormac to help keep you company!!!

  3. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Oh Ship High In Transit!
    All I can think of are the ramifications and the headache. No way to put a good 'spin' on this event. What I'm thankful for, on your behalf;
    I am so glad you have insurance and are safe; albiet grounded! I'm glad it isn't raining! I hope someone has come to cut up the tree. I'm very sorry it was your favorite Hickory tree and although no time is a good time for a falling tree ~ Christmas is the worst. I mean, yes we have trees in our home at Christmas ~ but this is more tree than anyone could want.
    I had a visceral reaction to the photo. I have a pine tree MUCH too close to my large master suite window ~ we only leave it because it blocks the very strong, southern sun from blinding light in the afternoon; but, it needs to go ~ every time we have a strong electrical storm with lightening...ahhhhhh
    Do hope things get back to 'normal' for you....
    Bev aka Ridgetatter

  4. Well, glad to hear that there is some good news with that terrible incident. That is too bad that it damaged the roof...what a terrible thing to wake up to in the middle of the night! Thank heavens the bulk of the tree fell on the ground and not on your house. I hope someone comes soon to get it cut up and that the insurance people get the roof repaired before more storms start up!

  5. Wow, glad to hear you're OK. We're still waiting for our insurers to come and assess the damage the 'man on the roof' did the other night. Our roof leaks but not too badly and the guttering's hanging off too. Must be soul mates!!!
    Keep smiling.

  6. Ditto to everyone's comments about what went right. Be safe and godspeed with the repairs. Makes me wonder what the insurance company was doing at 1:00 a.m. besides taking care of you.

  7. Poor house and poor old tree and poor you! I know it's just nature but it still is shocking to have such a big tree fall and right on your roof, too.

    Maybe you could keep some of the wood from the tree for smoker chips, and whittle a little tatting shuttle out of a piece? That way you can remember your tree always.

  8. Wow! Wasn’t expecting to see THAT when I checked your blog! Really scary. Thank heaven you’re okay – but I imagine you’re in shock. Without sounding too silly, it’s also sad to lose a favorite tree – many of us have plants and trees that we have an emotional feeling for, so it’s a double blow. Were other trees and homes affected in the area? I hope you receive help soon in getting your home secure. The comment from Penniwig about saving wood pieces is a good one. Keep us up to date on your progress.

  9. A relief that you are OK. I really hope someone can come and help you with that tree very soon.

  10. Dear Gina
    So sorry for your bad luck and so happy for your good luck in staying safe.
    Shame you can't get the car out though, makes it a little rougher.
    But more time for fibercraft!
    Connie Angeline

  11. Gina, Thank the Lord you are ok and hope all is taken care of quickly. That was one big tree. Thank you for the Christmas wishes. I am glad you got to see your GS after so many years.

  12. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Oh no! I'm so sorry to see what happened to your poor house (and the poor old tree). I can't even imagine how bad it must have sounded when it came down! We had an ice storm here a few weeks ago and I got no sleep once the branches started snapping. Each branch sounded like a gun shot. I'm glad it's not raining and that the insurance will take care of everything.

  13. Gina, I am so happy that you are safe, hope the repairs happen in a timely matter.

  14. Holy crap! Glad you're OK and that the tree didn't cause more damage than it did. At least you were able to see a bright side in all of this.

  15. Whew! So lucky that you weren't hurt- just house bound. Hopefully you'll be able to get your car out soon! Thinking of you.

  16. Oh for heaven's sake! I am so glad you aren't hurt or that the damage was any worse...but Helloo???? What a shock this must have been.
    Let's hope your insurance company does what they are paid to do and in a prompt manner!

    Big Hugs to you Gina!

  17. Oh my goodness, Gina! I'm so sorry for your house, but sooooooo glad your okay. Being house bound for awhile could be a good thing (no gym LOL.) Stay Safe.

  18. WOW! Do I ever know what this feels like, up close and personal. I had a tree on my roof several years back. I'm glad you are ok and getting to take a bit of a break! Take care, I hope you get awesome fixer-uppers that do a wonderful job for you! God Bless and Godspeed!


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