Sunday, August 29, 2010

All righty! The new computer is up and running! I still don't have the scanner/printer set up with it but the camera is so I do have some piccies!

My granddaughter's baptism was this morning. I wasn't going to make anything and then decided to add a little something at the last minute.

Friday night I tatted this "large cross" from Visual Tatting by Mary Konior. It was in size 40 and true to the description, it was only 5 1/2" tall but it seemed 7" tall. I love this design but decided it was too big for an infant. I know she could care less at 3 months but I thought maybe one of her other gifts would be a small bible and it could go in there.

So I decided to try this cross, made by needle tatter Rebecca aka Tatmom. There was also a diagram and a few tips for shuttle tatters. The name of the design is Colossians 2:14 Cross I tatted this one Saturday morning. Better size and the design was okay but I wanted to add some glitz - like beads.

Don't these look like pink glass beads to you? Sure did to me! So I tatted a whole new cross with beads Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, I took a food break which happened to be lasagna. Apparently my fingers were not as clean as I thought and got a very faint smudge of tomato sauce on the white. I was almost done with it and figured a quick soak in OxyClean would take care of the stain.

Well, it didn't. I tried a few other things and it stayed stained exactly as it was. You can see it. What it did do, though, was turn those pretty pink beads silver! I was flabbergasted. I'm going to have to start testing every bead I use to see if they are dyed. I honestly thought these were pink glass all the way through. So...this one goes in the dye bag. I'll salvage it for something else.

So Miss Ellie got the plain one in her card but it's probably better to put in a book anyway.

I'm still learning how to use Office 7 on this computer. We have it at work - or so I thought, but I miss my Microsoft photo editor. This one is harder to use - until I get the hang of it, I guess.

I've got lots more tatting done for the Dye Day though. I'll show it all before we color it. And once I get the scanner set up, I'll have even more to show you.

Well..Sunday night and I'll bet all those Palmetto's Tatters are POOPED! Those Tat Days are fun but overwhelming and exhausting. Looking forward to hearing everyone's stories!


  1. Lovely work as usual.
    I am sure the stain does not make it unusable for your reading.

  2. It makes me crazy when something like that happens. You try to fix one thing and it goes from bad to worse! It'll be interesting to see what happens to the beads when you dye the cross. Gifts from Grandma are always wonderful!

  3. Beads that are various shades of pink, and often purple ones also. very often have non-permanent coloring. I have some where the color rubs off during the simple act of stringing or using simple beading techniques. Some people put them in a zip close bag and spray them with a spray craft sealer, spread them out so they don't stick together and allow them to dry. Sometime it helps and sometimes it doesn't

  4. Hi Gina,

    Dyed and color-lined beads are a bad idea for heirloom work (and there are so many out there!), but the silver lining is also a problem. Over time, it will either tarnish, or evaporate completely. Your best bet for added sparkle and color in lace is either a faceted bead or an iridescent or 'aurora borealis' finish. It picks up and reflects the thread color in interesting ways.

    It is always a good idea to drop a few beads in a bleach solution and see what happens.


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