Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blast from the past!

I'm not able to add new tatting right now but it just so happens I'm sorting through some old CDs at work that happen to have some of my OLD tatting on them. I started tatting in 1997, late 1997. I started my blog in 2003. These are photos between 1999 and 2001. Some have made their way here before but some might be new.

My scanning smarts weren't too great back then. I'm not sure when I got my own scanner and stopped using my sister's but depth was an issue in both. If the item wasn't flat on the scanner, it only produced a sharp image where it was.

I'll bet you all thought Konior's Black Magic was only an insertion or edging or used for bookmarks. Me - I thought of a garter.

Here it is finished with black ribbon, elastic and a red ribbon rose. It's one of my favorite creations.

This is my forever UFO. I started this during my first trip to Ireland in 2000. This is one of Jane's earlier patterns as you can see by the copyright date, the year 2000. I don't know what possessed me, but I decided to use not only the two different color threads but to add a sparkly blending filament thread to each color. Instead of winding each shuttle with the regular thread and the filament thread, I used a shuttle for each, so I was juggling shuttles like crazy. The button in the center was elegant and sparkly too. I finally cut it off the shuttles a few years ago, not sure I could find enough of the original thread to finish it. Besides, it's rare that I even wear a bracelet!

Remember that nightgown I mentioned several posts back, that I said was ten years old and I was taking off the tatted edging? Here's the edging in the process of tatting.

This was a gift for someone, I think. Might have been part of an exchange too. That's why I like blogs. This one has become my "memory". I can't even tell you what pattern it is at the moment.

This snowflake became a summer 4th of July celebration brooch. Don't limit yourself by the original use of a pattern. I made one of these for my daughter and one for my daughter-in-law that year. Different, but similar.

Here's another way I used snowflakes. Another brooch with a Christmas theme. This one went to my partner in a tatted Christmas exchange. It's two simple snowflakes stacked on each other with a button in the center and a bit of felt on the back with a jewelry pin finding stitched on. I tended to starch my stuff more back then.

These last two are rosaries I tatted for my godparents that year. The crosses are different and I think from Konior's book but one might be from a different book. My aunt actually has them hanging from a framed religious print in her home.

Hmmm...that was quite a trip, from a saucy garter to rosaries. LOL! But at least I'm satisfying my craving to post!


  1. They may be past projects, but they are new to me and I love seeing them. They all look wonderful! :)

  2. Love the garter so much, it's gorgeous and I think I might need to design up my own rosary for my mother in law now!

  3. the garter is delightful ) and it looks vintage...

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this walk down memory lane with us! I agree that Black Magic is perfect for the garter. I recognize the motif behind Santa. I used it for a pin as well. I tatted it in size 80 and then attached a ribbon rose to the center as a gift to my mother-in-law. I'll post a picture of it later. I must have made it at about the same time you did.

  5. Thanks for sharing your past with us, Gina! I enjoyed seeing all of your projects. The garter is beautiful!!

  6. Gina,
    Pictures of what we make is a wonderful way to share what we have made. For those who have never seen them before can still get to see them when we post them later on too. There's nothing wrong with a wide range of things. Besides ladies who go to chruch do ware garters too. So to me they go perfect with Rosaries hand in hand!! Thankyou for sharing them with all of us.

  7. Thanks for that, Gina. Interesting ramble and very pretty photos. The rosary is so soft, pretty and pink; the garter is shameless!
    Fox : ))

  8. That is lovely Gina. I love the two - garter and the black rosary.

  9. I'm glad you all enjoyed them and loved hearing it even inspired some potential new creations! Eliz - I think that book was fairly new or at least very popular right about then. I tatted LOTS of snowflakes from it.


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